Sunday, January 26, 2014

Saturday Art School: How to Draw Ariel

Its been a painful last month-losing a parent is a void that can never be filled...and we all still havent yet come to terms with it.
To really sit together as a family and grieve- we havent been left alone  long enough for that...
Writing about what a wonderful man that my father was in my last post (click here) was kind of like convincing ourselves that he is no more and celebrating what he was in our lives... and in the community...
Life moves on and now we are all trying to limp back to normalcy and get back to what our lives were before.... with some small little things that happen everyday that bring his memory forcibly back for a few moments...
and make us smile.
Like this sketch of Ariel was one of the drawings that my paint-brush happy youngest sister had made on the entire bathroom door of my father's room... yes- bathroom door!
and instead of getting angry- he let it remain there because it brought a smile to his face every time he looked at it.
so this step-by-step drawing of Ariel is dedicated to my younger sister Zoya, my father and all the little princesses out there who love to draw!

I had made these drawings yesterday 'coz yesterday was Saturday and after all it is a Saturday Art School lesson, but yesterday I was at a loss for words- I didnt know what to write...
I postponed the post to the next day-but I am still numb today...
So i'll let the drawings do all the talking.








and here is the sketch all clean and ready... to color!
(you can even print it out for your little princess to color)

I hope you enjoyed this cute little mermaid princess!


  1. Sorry about your loss Maryam, I know what it means to lose a loved one. Fantastic tutorial though. Following :-)


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