Saturday, December 14, 2013

Saturday Art School! Expressive "Eyes"

Its that day of the week again.... My favorite Saturday Art School!
and I cant believe that I havent posted anything "new" the past week...
seems like I am moving from Saturday to Saturday!
This is where I tell you what I have been busy doing...
Been swamped with work- not that I am compaining, but it has gotten a bit difficult to juggle parenting, and full time Army wife's responsibilty, and the good work coming in!
plus got a few friends who drop in once a while to learn sketching and painting!!
(didn't know I had it in me to teach...goes to show that every experience is a learning experience)
will be putting up thier works soon and am so proud of the way they are progressing!
talking about teaching- a lot of my friends are curious as to how to make eyes...
and whatever the rest of the face may look like- if you have given life to the eyes... the portrait always looks good!
so here is the eyes that I will be teaching today:

Sketch the basic shape of the eyes and make sure that the placement is correct.
Draw the eyebrows as well.

Darken the eyebrows and draw the hair like shown in the sketch...

Sketch in the eye-balls and shape of the upper and lower eyelids

detail the eyeball and sketch in the eyelashes.

shade in the eyeballs in the way shown- the strokes should show and should be emanating from the center

shade the top and bottom eyelids of one eye- in this case the eye on the shown.

give a bit of detailed shading of the nose.

Start shading the other eye.

Add more detailing in the top and bottom layer.

shade in the shape of the nose like shown in the drawing.

Shade the sides of both the eyes and make sure you follow the curve in your strokes.

I hope you enjoyed this little lesson and will have fun making and shading some beautiful eyes in your sketchbooks.

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