Saturday, December 7, 2013

A cute tutorial for your Christmas!

Ho! Ho! Ho!
'Tis the season to be jolly- fala lala la... lala la la
and Santa is everywhere....
be it malls, or schools, or parties, or on the road...
so why not here?
And this is one of the simplest Santas that you can possibly draw...
a little difficult one is coming next Saturday!

The big oval for the head and small overlapping ovals for the nose and the mouth.
be careful about the right placement of the nose and mouth.

Draw two circles at the side of the nose and make one curve going from one end to the other.
Next is to draw the two facing curves in the shape of three and inverted three.

Draw the shape of Santa's cap as given with a little tuft of hair peeking out!


Clean the extra lines from the cap and add a small circle at the end.
attach the beard/mustache to the nose circle.

Complete the mustache of Santa and add curves like shown to the beard.

Clean the extra lines, add a few dots on the cheeks for freckles and voila!!
Ho! Ho! Ho!

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