Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some Water Color Thoughts for your Thursday!

Like I had said fact it was in my last Thursday post, that I am kind of getting a little obsessed with the beauty of watercolors after a really long time.
so here is a teenie peek into my water color diary...


and of course today being Thursday....
here is my Thursday Thought:
(the step by step for this poppy is coming on Saturday.... Waaaait for it!!)

p.s. and as I am still trying to perfect my craft... and like I told you earlier in my other tutorials... its OK to copy as long as you dont pass it off as your own and dont make profit from someone else's creation....
I cant claim for these to be my own creations... these have been searched through the internet and then copied by me..
the link of the original art (from where I copied) is given below each image.


  1. Your creativity is indeed contagious Maryam :) Wonderful post!

  2. I am bit messy with watercolour though I love the fancy effect they can give... Again lovely art from you Maryam...


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