Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saturday Art School: water color poppy!

This cute little poppy is made with watercolor and is extremely simple to make and looks gorgeous!
I have used this poppy for my Thursday Thought post (where I had put up a few more watercolors- if you want to have a look,click here)
and as promised...the how-to-do steps are finally here, posted on my Saturday Art School!
the basic colors used are vermilion hue (which is a bright red) a bit of burnt sienna (shade of brown)
sap green (leafy green color) , black and a touch of deep yellow.

here are a few of the steps:

1- Make the drawing and start with a generous wash of vermilion red.

2- color the top petal

3- leave a few white jagged edges like shown above.

4- paint in the lower petals and put the wash in such a way the there is heavy as well as washed out color which will show up the depth of the petals.

5- while the petals are still wet...mix in a bit of burnt sienna and a teenie dab of black...
if it seems too dark, lighten it with water and mixing in a bit with red.

6- Now add in the depth of the petals like shown. Be quick about it so that the earlier color that you had applied is still wet when you add the darker shade- this way it blends.

7- add some more depth in the lower petals.

8- just add a bit of yellow straight from the tube to the top of the petal or anywhere else you feel needs a bit of yellow light.

9- I took some sap green straight from the tube, you dont have to do that- u can take it out on your palette so that you are in control of how much water and mixing you need to do.

10- give a light wash to the flower stalk, taking care no to make it flat but to have a light and dark affect while going down the stalk... 

11- Add the leaves in a light wash (as in lots of water and a little bit of color)

12- Add a darker shade to a part of the leaves as shown in the finished illustration at the bottom.

13- Dab on the last bit of finishing touches in the poppy flower with a brush dipped in black paint... 
and voila!

the image from where the inspiration is taken is here.

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