Sunday, November 24, 2013

Saturday Art School: water color poppy!

This cute little poppy is made with watercolor and is extremely simple to make and looks gorgeous!
I have used this poppy for my Thursday Thought post (where I had put up a few more watercolors- if you want to have a look,click here)
and as promised...the how-to-do steps are finally here, posted on my Saturday Art School!
the basic colors used are vermilion hue (which is a bright red) a bit of burnt sienna (shade of brown)
sap green (leafy green color) , black and a touch of deep yellow.

here are a few of the steps:

1- Make the drawing and start with a generous wash of vermilion red.

2- color the top petal

3- leave a few white jagged edges like shown above.

4- paint in the lower petals and put the wash in such a way the there is heavy as well as washed out color which will show up the depth of the petals.

5- while the petals are still wet...mix in a bit of burnt sienna and a teenie dab of black...
if it seems too dark, lighten it with water and mixing in a bit with red.

6- Now add in the depth of the petals like shown. Be quick about it so that the earlier color that you had applied is still wet when you add the darker shade- this way it blends.

7- add some more depth in the lower petals.

8- just add a bit of yellow straight from the tube to the top of the petal or anywhere else you feel needs a bit of yellow light.

9- I took some sap green straight from the tube, you dont have to do that- u can take it out on your palette so that you are in control of how much water and mixing you need to do.

10- give a light wash to the flower stalk, taking care no to make it flat but to have a light and dark affect while going down the stalk... 

11- Add the leaves in a light wash (as in lots of water and a little bit of color)

12- Add a darker shade to a part of the leaves as shown in the finished illustration at the bottom.

13- Dab on the last bit of finishing touches in the poppy flower with a brush dipped in black paint... 
and voila!

the image from where the inspiration is taken is here.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Some Water Color Thoughts for your Thursday!

Like I had said fact it was in my last Thursday post, that I am kind of getting a little obsessed with the beauty of watercolors after a really long time.
so here is a teenie peek into my water color diary...


and of course today being Thursday....
here is my Thursday Thought:
(the step by step for this poppy is coming on Saturday.... Waaaait for it!!)

p.s. and as I am still trying to perfect my craft... and like I told you earlier in my other tutorials... its OK to copy as long as you dont pass it off as your own and dont make profit from someone else's creation....
I cant claim for these to be my own creations... these have been searched through the internet and then copied by me..
the link of the original art (from where I copied) is given below each image.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Saturday Art School: How to Draw a Minion!!

Who wants to draw the BAD minion??
I have been getting a lot of requests for a step by step tutorial of a minion... 
and making the steps was sooo much fun...
only it got delayed by a day and the tutorial is being posted on a Sunday morning rather than a Saturday (but its gotto to be Saturday somewhere, right?)

image via google images

make the head and body circle+oval as shown for the head and body.

STEP 2: 
join the two.

make the hand and feet and the centre line of the body as shown-(it shows the alignment of the body)

Mark out the glasses and the neckline.

Add the clothes outline and placement of hands.

Detail the clothes and add the shoes

STEP 7: 
Make the hands with the gloves and other details on the clothes.

Detail in the within a circle within a circle!

Make the sprouting hair and the mouth.

STEP 10: 
of course now is the time to add the caption... I AM BAD!!

Or maybe add a smile and a Hi!!

 Or change the hair and make it lie flat and give it a different expression?
Hope you have fun drawing this minion or showing your little ones how to draw it and use in thier cards with a cute little caption.

Monday, November 11, 2013

A li'l something to drive away yr Monday blues- Stuffed Dinner Rolls!

Tried something new for a little Tea Party that I hosted a couple of weeks back and it came out so yummy and "good looking" that I HAD share with you..
This is one of the things that looks difficult but is actually verrry easy to make and is sure to be a hit at any party- whether its a children's party or an adult tea-party or even a continental/English dinner!
And your guests are definitely going to look amazed if you tell them that they are home baked and not from some bakery...

Mutton Stuffed Dinner Rolls:

150 gm maida- 1 cup

1tbsp vegetable oil
1/2 salt

1/2 sugar
1 egg
1 tsp dry yeast

mix all the ingredients given above one by one, and then mix with cold milk (3 tbsp) till the ingredients just hold together...
then clean the slab that you are working on and throw the kneaded flour mixture on the platform again and again till well mixed-(this process really makes the dough soft and pliant)

put the flour in a box and cover and keep aside for 4 hours... it will double in size.

in the meantime prepare the filling.
I have used mutton filling (you can use any filling that you like) and also upped the healthy and yummy quotient by using lots of mix veggies like corn, capsicum, carrots etc.

 now the ingr for the filling:
300gm mutton
I onion minced
1 inch ginger minced
salt and pepper to taste.
mix well and pressure cook for 15-20 minutes.
then open the cooker and dry the ingredients.

then take the mix veggies as per yr preference and availability and saute in a little butter with salt and pepper.

mix it with the cooked and dry mutton and keep aside.

Now take out the flour which must've double in size by now and start kneading and throwing again on the clean platform, making a small ball in the end like shown below:

divide the flour into 8 balls

stretch and kneed the balls into a long it flat on the platform as shown below:

place the mixture in the centre of the long flat piece of dough...

Start rolling the edges towards the inside, forming a cylinder with the filling and pressing it towards inside as you go along...

shown like this below...
(please dont mind the sometimes manly hands that you get to see- they are NOT mine, but of the kitchen help who has to do the steps while I take the photos!!)  ;-)

once the cylinder with the filling is sealed then just twist it like shown below...

Now fold it over like shown- something like a figure of 8...
be gentle because the filling might just come out if you are not careful in your handling...

Do the same with the rest of the dough balls and then grease a baking dish...
put all the 8 dinner roll balls in the baking dish.
Lightly brush the top of the rolls with egg whites

In the meanwhile preheat the oven at 150 degree C or 320 degree F

Sprinkle the rolls with lightly toasted sesame seeds.

and bake them for 35-40 minutes till nicely golden brown...
Enjoy with your evening tea and go on, impress your guests!

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thursday Thought with a watercolor

Last few days I have been dabbling with watercolors whenever I could steal a moment from the digital world of illustration...
Yes, the ease and the forgiving nature of digital illustration has spoilt me, and you can even give texture to your illustrations to give them the water color feel...
now what more do you want?
But believe me when I say that if you can get the hang of watercolor- which is one the most difficult mediums to master..(too much color- it gets muddy, too little- it looks washed out, with not enough depth, and one wrong stroke- the illustration is gone... kaput! you cant get it back!)
If you've got it right, then you are out there!! You are Good!!
If you've understood the intricacies of watercolors, you can work in any medium... its that important.
but it takes a lot of hard work... lots of papers/sketchbooks to be spoilt, again and yet again!
but there is no comparison to the luminosity and the beauty of watercolor...
The flow, the transparency, the merging of colors which you just cannot predict, make watercolor a very exciting medium to work with.
I was never very great at watercolors- I preferred pencils and oils, acrylic to watercolors..
I think I was/am too impatient- didnt want to give it my all... so only dabbled in watercolors when required...
But since giving myself the challenge of coming up with one illustration per day...
it has egged me on! Now I am not afraid to give watercolors the attention it deserves!
Believe me...challenging yourself is the best way to improve, to improvise, to come up with something new, think out of the box...
its exhilarating!
so here is my somewhat serious attempts at watercolors after a reeeeaaaallly long time....
(I don't consider my fashion illustrations as serious watercolors- go figure!)

and now for today's Thought for the day....

Monday, November 4, 2013

Monday Moment of a Work at home MOM!

This is how I work... most nights and the mornings that my li'l one is not at school...
thumb in mouth, staring wide eyed at the screen while I have to maneuver over his head  :)
but I wouldn't have it any other way! 

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Light up your nights!!

 Yesterday was Halloween and tomorrow is Diwali... the festival of lights and crackers and sweets galore.....
I love dressing up my home whether its Eid, or Diwali or even for simple dinner parties...
I need absolutely no excuse to bring out my flowers and candles and crystals...
So a peek into some candles and flowers and table top decor that was used in few of the parties gone by...
and also some vignettes from my home... all lighted up!

I love this black and gold lotus shaped t-light holder... its beautiful how the distressed gold reflects the light...

one of the table top decor done for a sit down dinner...

 a few glittery colorful balls add a bit more festive feel to the table...

a look see at one of the big Regimental dinners that we hosted...

another close-up of the table vignette... complete with candles, flowers and lots of crystal...

Had a few hurricane lanterns with home made candles and some glittery Christmas ornaments placed randomly around the garden...

 some hurricane lanterns also had candles with sand, sea shells and a few starfish...

with the nearby table decor echoing the beach theme...

and of course how can I forget my pretty little lotus pond made with a lot of love and imagination...
and see the white porcelain hen and fish giving a bit of whimsy character to the pond....
can you spot a little frog lying on a lotus leaf and reading?

This is my favorite spot in my little garden where I enjoy my cup of tea, sitting and listening to my bubbling fountain...

I hope you enjoyed the lights that brighten up my home...
Have a bright and safe Diwali everyone!

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