Friday, October 4, 2013

So, what have you been upto lately?... An Update!

By virtue of being an Army Wife, you are exposed to all kinds of talents and inspirations...
and if you have been married into the Army life for more than a decade-(we just celebrated our 10th Anniversary early this year) you are expected to cook all kinds of cuisines-be it Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Mughlai etc. etc.
Be an exceptional interior decorator-who else can undo, and redo their homes 10-15 times in a decade long marriage?
Have a fair knowledge of gardening, so you know when to plant, what to plant, according to their heights and colors as well as the weather conditions... (you can be in a hill station one posting and in a desert the next)
Be a good host with not a hair out of place and a smile of welcome at all times of the day and night-some times even at 2 am in the mornings!
Be in, know how to make candles, and paper flowers and satin flowers, decoupage and be willing to teach...
learn to paint...I know so many Army wives who have such lovely paintings in their homes- all done by themselves!
Be an awesome party planner with several kinds of themes in your mind and supplies for ready access...(color themes, festive themes, costume themes-complete with matching games, decor and food)
and of course be a florist to beat all florists!!
So though I can't claim to have floral designs in my repertoire (I have never done a formal flower arrangement)... I was left with no choice!
We have no floral arrangements in the Mess and our annual Battle Honor Day is right around the corner.
The lady who usually does floral arrangements for Army Messes has been posted out and no longer available...
We finally procured some loose pretty flower sticks but could get no florist to do it for us!
So in the end it just boiled down to the only lady available.."moi"!!
With "ma'am- you've got to do something-we are running outta time" ringing in my ears I got all my creative resources out and got going!
And I am "lovin' it!!"
Am having so much fun!
so here are a few pictures of what I have been upto these days other than lots of Family Welfares and Mess meetings and decor ideas, and discussions and trials in the Mess kitchens for the coming "big" day and getting my home ready for the PARRRTYYYY!!

Aaaaand... here is a look at the first formal arrangement to be done by me- first time ever!!

and if I can do it... so can YOU!!     :-)
so here are a few tips that I gathered for myself... and as usual- I just luuurve giving step-by-steps!!

Gather the supplies... color co-ordinated flowers (some big, some small, some curving sticks with 3-4 flowers on them), some fillers like twirling sticks or golden curving sticks- they give a nice touch to the arrangements.
lots of glue like Modpodge or Fevicol
A bowl, or like me, you can also use a flat baking dish becoz I wanted a low and long arrangement for the dining table.
A lot of florists's sponge ( I think thats what they are called) which makes the flowers steady and keep their place... you can just dunk them in Fevicol and stick 'em in! They'll stay put.
I also used a ribbon to hide the green sponge- you can cover them with marble chips/pebbles.

ok and about the flowers... you will have to be brutal with them- bcoz they come with big sticks and you cant fit these sticks in the bowl (esp if its shallow and low)-
so tear them apart into individual flowers and leaves- much easier to manage and arrange.

A single bunch of flowers pulled apart into many single sticks of flowers...

Coat the base of the bowl with glue.

place the sponge- cut it to fit the bowl if small.

and first visualise where each flower will go... becoz if you keep sticking the flowers in and then taking them out- your sponge will be riddled with holes and become useless!
I just went with my gut feeling and imagination...
So can YOU!

Only thing is-if its for a dining table- it should look the same from both sides and be a low arangement...
If its for a side table, you can make tall flower arrangements that are visually appealing from just one side-the front!

Hope you all liked my maiden effort- not really the professional style, but "passable" I hope...
And now I am hooked onto the flower decoration fever...
Gimme some more flowers, someone!!!


  1. awesome maryam.. u have done quite a good job i must say..:) i can't wait to see how the main party day turns out to be.. :) u better put up lots o photos..


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