Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Its Halloween time...."BOO!!"

Its Halloween time in the rest of the world...
We had lotsa fun in the last two years of celebrating the American Halloween (wrote about it- click here and here and if you want to know "what the *&#* is Halloween?"... click here)
and some free printables(invitations/gift-tags) for yr party- click here
Spooky parties and spooky eats and wonderfully creepy costumes... (of course, that have all been relegated to the back of the cupboard now, to use when the kids have a "fancy dress" competition in school)..
Oh well... life moves on....
So no more Halloween Hoopla for my kids but I thought as I have quite a few readers who are NOT based in India and so have Halloween theme parties....
I'd do a roundup of a some interesting Halloween eats for the kids' parties....
And so what if you dont have Halloween parties here in good ol' India- these fun time real eeeaasy snack ideas are good for any kids party...
The ones I could find a link of...there is a website linked to them..
some are just random interesting picks from the Internet!

So what about starting with a ghostly Halloween breakfast for yr kids?

And a nice healthy smoothie disguised with green food coloring and sprinkled with some crushed oreos and the face made on the disposable glass with a marker!  Simple!

For your party you can start with a small orange (mandarin) filled with red jello and the spooky pumpkin face cut out...
Stick it on a stirrer and add to your drink as a spooky garnish??

And mini Pizzas with mummy kind cheese layering with spooky eyes made of black olives!

Or how about chocolate cupcakes with ghostly whipped cream topping and a chocolate tree with sprinklers?  yummmm!!

Orrr.... chocolate cupcakes with this kind of skull toppping with cheese cream and melted chocolate??

and maybe some "Vampire Candy Apples??"  the recipe is here

Or how about some spider pops or like we call it here in India- "lollypops"??
how to make it? click here

Or how about these strawberries coated to look like monsters??

Or some Spooky Spider Oreos??

Or some witch's finger's cookies?? click here for the recipe.

These are all real simple recipes and ideas for which you dont need too many over the top ingredients.
Have fun and a Happy Halloween!!  :)


  1. i must say ur the most cit creative sister. i just love it all. saman.

  2. love them maryam.. :) such simple and nice ideas.. :) will try some out.. :)

    1. yeeeaaaah!! go have a fantastic halloween party


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