Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Technique: How to Draw a Portrait!

I have been wanting to put up a tutorial on "how to make a portrait" since a very long time- just wasnt getting around to it!
Till I met an old friend yesterday and she asked me if I could help her to get back to sketching?
She hadnt touched a pencil for a loooong time and felt rusted...
Now how many of you feel like that?
How many of you are out there who used to sketch when younger or when in College, and who havent mustered the courage to start scribbling and doodling again?
Who look at thier old sketchbooks, framed watercolors with longing but cant find the time/ the drive to start again...
Or maybe there are some of you who havent ever sketched but would love to get started!!
And believe me everyone can sketch... even the ones who havent ever tried...
I have seen people in my Animation days who couldnt draw a straight line when they joined- and by the time the training was over- they were animating better than me and others with a fine arts background!
They worked hard- gave it all they got and got better every day!
There is no short cut to hard work... and you do get rewarded when you see how you have improved!
I am NOT God-gifted... I just have a passion for art and I sketch, like everyday!
Like another old school friend once said- Maryam I need you to come back home and give me a kick in the rear to get me started again!!
Well- here's the kick or rather a little nudge to get yr sketchbooks out and get sketching with me!  :-)
Here is a peek into how I make a portrait- step by step...

Now this was the inspiration that I downloaded from the internet to get started...

The initial steps I would advice you to make with a light hand becoz here you are just mapping out the placements of the various features.

Next you pencil in the features with some detailing- again lightly- so you can erase if you go wrong.

Making the hair and the clothing come next- again very lightly...
Here I have added a bit of textured background and a slight color in photoshop.

Now comes the fun part: the coloring and the detailing...

Shade in the hair (just a bit), add a bit of white in the background to bring out the illustration...
And Voila!!

I hope you all like it and would try this or any other portrait following the same kinda steps as given above...
if you do- I would love to hear about it!
and if I have inspired you to take out your old sketchbooks- I would be ecstatic!

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  1. Wow! great article! absolutely loved it! let me give a try.

  2. Maryam i have starred your page-shall come back to it when i have time.

  3. Maryam, you make it look so easy! I am sure it isn't that easy at all! But going to give it a try :)

  4. Wow lovely.. You are talented. And i love sketches and caricatures more than colored art.

    I wish I could draw, but I guess I was born with two left hands..


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