Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Wednesday Wah Factor!

I had bought a cute little Retro Owl Bookend set from one of the Antique shops in Philadelphia...
They were cute n whimsy till they started to chip in various places.
I retouched them in a bid to cover up thier nicks and chips... but they started looking a bit too antique n shabby.
And then when I finally got a house and I started doing up my book shelves- I decided I didnt like them anymore!
But I didnt want to throw them away... after all I had got them with me all across the seven seas and owls are not really as popular here in India as in the U.S. and I knew I couldnt get another owl...
So I decided to paint it white!
Now I didnt have any white spray paint (I know, I know, I live in the back of beyond now!) so I resorted to the paint brush and acrylic paint...
n voila!

How cute is that??
and it goes so well with my porcelain little white things on my redone bookshelf! :-)

Oh and here is how my bookshelf took shape:

The Zebra print looked too busy and would have clashed with the bright books and the little curios...
as it is, the theme of that room is "Bluish"....  :-)
so went with the solid color at the back of the shelves and the pretty blue print at the side...
so here it is:

Pssst... before anyone notices+comments - the blue solid color has been replaced by the green paper in the last two shelves... (had run out of the blue paper before I realised n there was no way to get anymore)
so Moral of d Story- please make sure u have the adequate amount of paper before u start using the glue...  coz Fevicol ka jod hai  :-)

So howj-u like it?
does anyone have any decor items/rooms projects etc in their homes that they have redone or remodelled by themselves? And which you feel has gone from "blah to wah"?
If yes then feel free to post them to me at my email address:
Who knows- mayb next Wednesday it might be your project that is featured on my Wednesday Wah Factor!  :-)


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