Saturday, August 31, 2013

Saturday Art School- A Sharply Dressed Penguin!

I cant believe that its already Saturday and its been a whole week since my last post!
How the week has flown by, I cant really imagine...
Just goes to show how busy I have been...and when you dont feel the pinch of the week flying by, and you have enjoyed every bit of the busy days- it means you are in a good place my friend!
And Mashallah, I feel blessed to be doing all the things that I enjoy so much with absolutely no pressure of the daily grind.
Agreed I am not making much money, yet....
The world doesnt know me as an awesome illustrator,yet....
I aspire to have an exhibition, someday....
I am still dreaming of my Graphic Novel that maybe when the kids are a little bigger...
But then leave all the maybes and the somedays... I do think I am in a happy and contented place...
and thats a good place to be in...
I have been painting like mad...(lotsa tutorials in the pipeline)
I have been crafting and doing DIY like crazy- (there is nothing like getting an empty house to do up!)
I have been exploring the countryside a bit- now that the weather is better!
and I have been really plotting and researching on how to get my Facebook page and my blog to really take off!! (gotta loooooong way to go...)
So.  Have not actually been sitting idle...
and here is my offering for your weekend:
A cute little, well dressed Penguin to Draw!







and then you color!!

I hope you enjoyed this lesson and I am also making a few step by step of the requests that I have got!
Ciao and have a great weekend!

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