Saturday, August 17, 2013

SATURDAY ART SCHOOL.... an Indian Camel!

Living in Rajasthan has made me have camels and more camels on my mind...
do you want to learn how to draw it?
 here is a step by step tutorial:
Step1: is just to draw an oval that takes care of the main part of the body of the camel with enough space left at the top n bottom for the rest of the drawing...

Step2: is when u make the small oval for the head and the little bigger oval for the jaw/mouth

Step3: join the two small ovals like shown and the make the neck- be sure to make the curve in the neck as shown!
Step4: Add the ears and the hump on the back!
Step5: Next come the two legs.... (this is half the leg-just till the knee)

Step6: Make the rest of the legs and the tail...

Step7: in this step please erase all the extra lines as shown in the image

Step8: Add the hair on top of the head and the hump...

Step9: Now is the time for the eyes and the mouth... please make as shown in the sketch.

Step10: Complete the eyes and erase al the extra lines from the face.

Step11: Add the nostrils and the teeth  :-)

And its ready!!
Maybe you can add a few sand dunes of the desert behind the camel and a coupla cactus??

Here's the color version... I played a bit with the textures and some more branches in photoshop.
Have fun coloring in pencil or even watercolor or poster colors... give a few textured looks with a dry brush...

For more Step-by-Step Tutorials please click here


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