Monday, July 22, 2013

just dropping a line...hi!

A looooong looong break from my blog and from my friends on the blogosphere…
My sincerest and heartfelt apologies!
Its been a really long and increasingly frustrating wait to get properly connected!
Inspite of having just been allotted a house (*sigh* finally!!) and knowing that its going to take another 10 days probably to get it painted and spruced up before we move in…
coz its then, and only then can I get a proper broadband internet connection!!
I didn't realize I was soooo dependent on technology for my inner happiness and peace of mind…   U.S. of A….. you have spoilt me!
And this is for all my dear fauji frenz who will soon be headed back from NY- armed with the latest in technology and used to being connected 24x7... ;-)
u are in for a rude shock babes, coz with the army, you just dont know where you are going to land up next!
I am trying hard to stay slightly connected through the erratic and unreliable 3G network…after all, the full impact of my creativity which is needed for the various decoration projects that I have taken on can only bear fruit if I have internet at my fingertips…
In the meanwhile, while I have been deep underground….I have rekindled my romance with silk screen printing after college and believe me, its so much fun!
So one of the agendas on my latest to-do list and which has already begun, is that I am busy training a few men of the unit the technique of screen printing esp on different materials other than paper.
and so coupled with my art/drawings and the hardwork of the men…
we have come up with some lovely screen printed marble coasters and bags and table mats…
and we have just gotten started!!

aaa......aand....... here is teeny tiny peek…

These are screen printed marble tiles to be used as coasters...

and a different kind of momento to take back!

so?? how-ju like it??


  1. awesome maryam i love it.. please make a huge collection for me.. you have as yet to give me a painting for my house..still waiting!!

    1. saffu- will be starting painting now...tell me what u want-mayb u can search the net for something for me to make an I will do- coz i dunno what u would like sweetheart!

  2. i love the mooch.. will look nice on a T shirt i think.. :) would be great souvenir design.. make ma a T-shirt or maybe coffee mugs.. :)


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