Monday, June 17, 2013

Pre-Saturday School: Monkeying Around!!

Been absent from my blog for more than a coupla weeks... my apologies!
As usual got wheels on my feet and have been going from one place to another following the wandering, erratic husband of mine!!
Sometimes what would I give to stay in one place and "finally" put down my roots (though I do think I would miss the adventure)
And so before I know it, another Saturday has come and gone and I havent put up any tutorials... 
that's why though its not Saturday School yet, I say "its time for another little tutorial!!"
Today its a cute little monkey which is as simple as can be!
So... Learn how to draw this cute little cartoon monkey by combining very simple shapes and lines together into a beautiful result! 

STEP-1: Make a rounded oval. Have a slightly curving line running through the upper part of the oval and following the shape of the oval.

Next make a small circle below the head oval which will be for the body with the distance between them as shown...

STEP-2: In this step first make a round circle on either side of the face oval for the two ears of the monkey. Next have two curving lines joining the head and the neck-like shown in the example

STEP -3: Here you will be making another circle within each of the ears.

Next move to the line that is dividing the head oval, which you made in the first step. From the centre of this line-have two more lines curving outward and upwards to join the circumference of the oval.
Remove the extra line as shown in the example.

STEP-4: The face of the monkey will be made in this step.

Make two semi circles-one under each curve. These will be the eyebrows of the monkey.
Make a circle within a circle under both these eyebrows for the eyes, 
Next between the two eyes, make a small oval for the nose- 
and then make the smiling mouth of the monkey.
You also have to make an oval for each of the two cheeks...
And your cute little monkey’s face is done.

STEP-5:  Now is the time to make the hands.
make the two hands as shown in the drawing with small circles as the palms of the hands.

STEP-5: Next please remove the extra lines from the hands...
Add the x in the tummy circle.
Make the legs at the bottom of the tummy circle like shown with ovals for feet.
After adding the long curved tail as in the example... the drawing is ready!

Now its on you to color it as shown in the example and if you want you can add a few balloons with the hands and add a caption for Happy Birthday or Get Well Soon... all the better!
The balloon idea came from a dear little friend of mine...(I hope she is reading this and she likes this new step by step tutorial)

and for more tutorials of this kind do visit this page (click here)

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