Saturday, June 1, 2013

Saturday Art School- an adorable Rhino!

Its "SUMMER" and as you know its holiday time...
Last year's memorable summer was in New York and the vacations had just started...
This year's summer holidays are very much in India and are halfway over.
Last year's summer was all about parties and barbecues and camping and music concerts, outdoor theatre and everything to do with the beautiful warm weather outside...
and of course absolutely "no" homework!!!
This year's summer its all about staying indoors, keeping safe from the scorching heat, staying hydrated, unavoidably getting tanned...(there goes my "amreeki" gorapan!), gorging on sweet luscious mangoes,
and lots and lots of homework!!
Even with all the homework to be done, just to keep the kids occupied and trapped within the cool confines of home during the day is a challenge!
So like last year I am again going to start my kids' tutorials of making ART "step-by-step"...
Today's the time to learn how to make a cute little rhino...

1- Make the two ovals, one vertical and one horizontal, both cutting each other  like shown.
Add the little crown on top of the vertical oval.

2- Add the two ears and the horn like shown, as well as the lower jaw (which is again an oval)
Erase the extra lines.

3- Erase the extra lines in the jaw and the horn.
Add the two feet.

4- Add the eyes as well as the toes in the feet.

 5- Add the cute little mouth and the ovals in the cheek.
Also make the small tail and the two other legs as shown in the drawing.

Voila!! the adorable rhinoceros drawing is complete...
Just color and enjoy!

In case your child has a particular character that he/she wants to draw and would like to know the simple steps- dont hesitate to drop a line!
For more kids art tutorials in step by step directions-please visit the page titled "Art Tutorials" at the top of the blog. or click  "here"


  1. my kid just saw me read this and is demanding I stay on this page so she can try to draw this! you inspired already!

    1. oh how wonderful!!
      your daughter has made my day!! :-)
      I hope she liked the other ones as well under my "tutorials" page!!
      ask her if she has any other character that she would like to learn!


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