Monday, May 20, 2013

the Rock Garden...

For the few people who might not be in the picture of whats happening on my end...
we are at the moment posted "somewhere" in the Deserts of India....
The nomadic man in my life has brought me from the lushly landscaped coast of New York City (where it was still snowing) to the harsh sun and sandy winds of the Desert state of India...
still adjusting and trying to keep myself occupied with redecorating our Unit area.
the walls of this place are bare..the entire area is to be done up and as the "only" lady in the Unit at the moment I have been given a free hand!!
can u imagine me rubbing my hands in glee??
And as you all know me..I am buzziiing with ideas and what can be more fun than doing up whole rooms with various themes, entire landscaping of lawns and surrounding areas...
the only hitch being the extreme weather (its unbelievably hot for any kind of greenery to survive),
the scarcity of stuff available in the back of beyonds woods where we are posted, (imagine even good looking cactus is hard to find!)
and of course we have budget restrictions  :-)
who doesnt?
I had written about my plans for one of the rooms in my last post...the Media room..
its still in the process.
One project is complete..
the easiest one coz of the weather- the Cactus/Rock garden!!
so here is a photo that I had shown earlier of what the area to be done up as a rock garden looks like...
all sandy and plain...

These are the few things that I had access to work with...
stone boulders,
stone gravel,
broken stone tiles,
some white and black pebbles....

Now due to the gravel sinking back into the sand with its weight... I covered the area with a thin plastic sheet so that the gravel stays on top and the colored gravel stays fresh...
here's what it looks like when we start...

Now after adding the spray painted lava like rocks and colored gravel, broken tiles as well as is what it looks like now!  :-)

I do think its kind of "nice"...though it needs a bit more hardy plants and cactus.
what do you think?


  1. U r truely the landacspe.....creativitybat its best......I hv gifted your MESS a memorablia of u loads.......

    1. thank you Ritika!! I am so glad that you discovered the blog and like it!
      will check out the memorablia when I reach there next week!
      Am wid faisal for SC. at the moment.

  2. kya baat maryam.. i love it.. given the material that was available it looks amazing... so creative.. !! well done.. can't wait to see how you do up the rest of the place.. :) Faisal bhai is going to be so pleasantly surprised..!!

    1. hahaha!! my sweetest cheerleader ever!! Yr encouragement eggs me on! :-)
      will keep posting the pix as the renovation goes on!


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