Thursday, April 25, 2013

Rain Rain... Please come again!!

Faced a small sand storm yesterday…which  I have been told are common all through summer…sand storms and twisters!!
Though the day started off bright and hot but the evening gave way to large dark grey clouds announcing their arrival with a lot of thunder and lightening… 
Were we ecstatic?? you bet!!
But what an anticlimax...
With just a few big fat drops.. and a slight drizzle…the dark grey clouds turned our backs to us!!
.....and left us with strong gusts of wind and before we could say "whoopsie daisies!!" (my little one's fav. exclamation) we had sands in our neembu pain, in our mouths, our hair and our skin felt coated with grit…
Rushing inside seemed the practical thing to do though my kids didn't think so!
So after much cajoling, we watched the fury of the storm from the safety of our rooms.
It raged and swirled all through the night and even though our windows and doors were closed-they were NOT airtight!
And the entire night we felt that the air we were breathing was thick with sand!
Next morning we were greeted with a mini desert just outside our rooms complete with undulating dunes and an inch of sand covering every possible surface inside the rooms!
and can you believe it....we were informed that it was a mild sand storm!!
…..a MILD storm?
where would we go when a big one hits us?


  1. stay safe from mild and big sand storms you guys! we miss you all!

  2. LOL.. well atleast you got a 'hint' of the rain.. ;) for a 'Big' sandstorm i suggest you line all your doors and windows with tape or towels or there are no openings that trickles the sand in.. dunno if that is practical though.. only you would know..!! we have the opposite problem.. whenever there is a typhoon and depending on the direction of the winds, we get flooded with water indoors (thanks to the poor sealing system in our house..!!)


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