Sunday, March 17, 2013

a dose of Indian Fashion!

The past month while I was fighting to get connected on the internet and get back on the blogosphere....
I tried a few things that I had been itching to give a shot!
Just an update on a few illustrations that I have been working on....
playing with Photoshop textures and trying to perfect my techniques.

this time I tried a few Indian style fashion illustrations..from the Lakme India Fashion Week


  1. Replies
    1. thank you! :-)
      i was thinking of you when i put it up coz i remember that you had asked if i do indian illustrations...
      glad you liked it!

  2. love it maryam.. you haven't lost your touch with fashion illustrations.. :)

  3. you are so talented. Beautiful illustrations.

  4. Maryam I cant begin to tell you how amazing those illustrations are ! I could just stare at them the whole day

    1. :-) thank you Ritika! glad you liked them..

  5. Hi
    I like you fashion illustrations and would like to work with you.
    If you are interested, please let me know how I can get in touch with you.

    1. Hi Anonymous :-)
      thank you for liking my work and you can get in touch with me on my mail-
      look forward to hearing from you,
      thanx once again!


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