Monday, October 1, 2012

Goodbye muddy clothes... :-/

hand painted and glazed coasters

September has given way to October...
Summer has bid an official goodbye and Autumn is slowly dripping its rust, gold and red leaves all around us...
The air is a bit chilly now, and we are getting ready to snuggle under covers and have hot chocolate and warm soup...
I absolutely love this weather!
This is the time when you are not completely overwhelmed with woollens or sweltering in the summer heat!
Its nice and cool enough for you to get your stylish boots and coats out and feel like a million bucks!
Unfortunately I am feeling a bit low...
Because my love affair with pottery is over and done with...
My family is leaving in a few days and being alone with two kids- pottery is not something I can manage on my own with my kids' hectic schedule... (school, playschool, afterschool, karate etc)
And in India I dont know how it will be practically possible with my nomadic Army lifestyle!!
so as I bid adieu to my new love...
here is a look at all the things that I have been busy with in these last couple of months!

the poppy plate that I had shown in my earlier posts

two matching trinket/snack bowls

the rooster spoon rest

this is a frog mug that I have made for my elder son

close up of the tiny frog

a small trinket bowl with a beautiful jewel like color inside!

painted and glazed flower bowl

a pine cone painted plate

a painted owl on a plate

the only ceramic tray that I made

absolutely love the shape and colors of this bowl!

the yarn bowl that I had shown in my earlier post

a hand built ladybug butter dish

A few of them are going to be put up for sale on my Etsy shop, so you can drop in and see them when you get  the time....
It is another matter if they are going to sell or not!  :-)
I do have a few more things that I have left unfinished at my pottery studio, (Brickhouse Ceramics) so I will be going there on and off to get them all finished and glazed... 
Maybe in a few days I will have some more new things to show you    :-)
but my heartfelt thanx to my fabulous instructor Doug (whose work and site you can see here)
he is an extremely patient instructor esp. for newcomers like us!
And Brickhouse Ceramics is by far the BEST studio in terms of thier rates and facilities and shelf space to store things(believe me, shelf space IS important)
its nice and airy and roomy so that you dont feel all hemmed in and the people there are fantastic and so darn talented that its an inspiration to work alongside of them!!
I have made so many new and adorable and helpful friends there in my two months that my one and a half years of loneliness in the U.S. has been forgotten!   :-)
So cheers to my new friends and my new found passion and my undying hope to carry on all that I have learnt here to greater heights when I go back home to India!


  1. Fantastic!! Love them all :) way to go Marro ...

  2. awesome stuff.. love the shapes and colors and also the photography.. :) being the multi tasking girl that you are i am sure you will find a way to continue your love affair.. :)

    1. I just hope I do Saffu...:-/
      At least I got a chance to learn, so am counting my blessings!

  3. I love all of these pottery you made. Those are so beautiful. Don't be so sad, I am sure that you will get the chance to make some more pottery either in the US or India. See you around!

    1. Thank you Viv...
      I have to thank ALL you guys for making these two months so memorable!
      and at least I will get to see how u grow thru yr blog/shop!
      will meet up soon...

  4. Maro darling.. I always think how the heck you find all this time for such a creativity. .. great work maro..!! I sometimes wish I could at least try and do one third of what you do..!! So you are leaving NY...!!!

    1. Joooeeeeyyy!!
      glad u could find the time to drop in!
      yes am leaving in 4 months time n I didnt get to meet u or yr lovely wife! :-/

  5. the stuff is AWESOME Maryam Bhabhi! :D :D :D

  6. Lovely stuff Maryam! And a great blog! I always wanted to try my hand at pottery...unfortunately I haven't been able to till date.


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