Saturday, September 15, 2012

Simple saturday...

Encouraged by the ooohs and the aaaaahs   :-)   of my loved ones who saw my earlier finished pottery pictures...
Here are some pictures that are a work in progress...
all are greenware, meaning that they havent been fired and hence are of "kachchi mitti"....
but I am loving them...
my first few tries of not wheel throwing but "handbuilding"
meaning that they have been built from slabs of clay...
check them out  :-)

a ladybird butter dish...

a textured teenie tiny tray or a platter!

A painted rooster spoon rest
the latest mugs and stuff ready to be measured and fired!

a flower engraved (sgraffito) creamer

same themed flower bowl

a new bowl with slip waiting to be engraved and fired!

another bowl which I will engrave with a tribal themed rim (once it gets a little dry)

 hmmmmm..... so, how did you like these my friends?
just dying to have them fired and glazed and put them up for you guys to go oooh and aaaah over!

honestly-love the appreciation and encouragement!  keep it coming gets me fired to do more!!


  1. kya baat hai maryam.. this new passion of yours is pretty neat.. if your start is like this cant wait to see what you create with a little more experience.. awesome.. u better make some for me too. you can make me a dinner set. i really need a nice chic one.. :)

  2. i am just enjoying your mitti love, marro you are doing an awesome job and i am simply jealous! MUUUUAAH!

  3. wow you have some serious talent! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!


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