Friday, September 14, 2012

pottery update!

(my mom in law wid her dragon fly mug with "mummy" written on it.)

Its been a while since I updated on the new obsession of mine!
My pottery mania has been growing stronger and stronger and am learning by leaps and bounds... and loving every minute of it-more than I thought I would!
so here are a few pictures of my first glazed and finished work...
excuse the weird and lopsided shapes..
you have to remember that these are my first bowls and mugs...
I promise I WILL get better!!  :-)

mugs for me and my love... "me and u"

another set of the colors

a snack bowl.. experimented with shape and love it!

an organically shaped poppy snack bowl (tried a kind of a paint on it called underglaze)

love the perfect shape and pearly colors!

another bowl with an interesting combination of colors
this is called a "yarn bowl" where you put the wool in the bowl and pull the yarn out of the hole so it doesnt tangle-the two other holes are for the needles!
a weird shaped mug wid a spout...mayb creamer?

love the intense red brown of the bowl...

my first crudely made T-lite holder

Its so much fun to see the finished product becoz till they come out of the kiln you can make a guess at the color and finish but its always a surprise how the colors/glazes mix with one another and come out absolutely beautiful!!
have made a few more stuff-still gotto get fired and glazed...
they might be a little better than this lot but I love the imperfections of my first attempt!
what do you think?


  1. Maryam what can i say!!!! i am amaaazed and am speechless!

    1. hahaha...bajjo you are the BEST!!
      have I inspired you to take it up??

  2. it is absolutely beautiful.. really good stuff.. love the U n Me mugs.. :) keep it up.. my creative big sister.. so proud o u.. :)

  3. wow wow wow n wow!luv dem all!

  4. You are getting better and better day by day. Good Job!

    1. VIVIAN!!!
      you guys are the inspiration and motivation...i soooo look forward to sitting on the wheel beside you and learning...
      saw yr blog...:-)
      loved it and congrats on the etsy shop!


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