Sunday, August 12, 2012

where has the time gone? Happy belated FIRST blogiversary!!

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 Drumrolls please!!!
Can you believe blog became an year old last month and I didnt even remember to celebrate!
Just goes to show that most of the time these days I am running against time...
My house is full, kids are on a school break, its the middle of Ramadan and fasting, my Etsy shop is being ignored, my freelance clients have given up, and I have started a couple of new ventures (yeah yeah, I know... I love to torture myself!!)
This in spite of the fact that my mom in law just yesterday was mentioning that the day seems waaaaaay too long here in the U.S., and I was contradicting her that for me there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day to do all that I want/have to do!!
Anyways, now that my tiny little space in the blogging world has reached a milestone-the "first" year is a BIG milestone because its in this one year that you realize whether you have the potential/energy to take the blog forward...
You realize that yes there are interesting things/topics that you want to write about and there are people out there who want to read about them...
I know most of my readers are old loyal friends and family, but surprise, surprise, there are some new people there too!
Thank you guys...You are the best!!
and I have loved every stolen minute of writing in this little haven of mine...the secret nook where I can escape the daily grind and the frustrations and share all that moves me and inspires me and gives me energy to shut the computor, turn around and face it all over again!
with a smile and a halo ("ting"!!)
Here's to a lot more years to come of ramblings and doodles and your unflinching ( I hope) support and encouragement!!


  1. congratulations and celebrations... :) well done maryam.. u did stick it out.. i am still stuck at registering myself.. uske baad aage bhi hi nahi badh paaye.!!! look forward to many more blogs from you.. :)

    1. safuu bas kood jao...u just have to take the plunge and the blog will take a life of its own!!
      but yes sticking it out the first year is the most difficult...its sooooo difficult to write when u have ten things pulling u in their direction!
      n thanx for sticking wid me :-)


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