Saturday, August 18, 2012

Muddy and loving it!!

our eclectic group...American, Japanese, Korean, French, Indian.. and Doug our instructor with the kettle!

There is no end to things I am passionate about....
I am not called "enthu cutlet" by people who know me for no reason!!
and the latest passion in my already cluttered, overwhelming, hyper ventilating life, is Pottery...
Pottery is something that I have been very curious about and extremely keen on learning for I think the past five/six years... or maybe more...
I think since the time I kind of got used to the nomadic existence of the Army life...and while my online freelance work was going smoothly... I started what?
How nice it would be to have my own little mobile creative studio where I could do a bit of craft...some art and illustrations and maybe some pottery...
make some nice interesting bowls and mugs etc. which had my own style stamp on them?
I have always been fascinated by the interesting colors and forms and creativity of Studio Pottery..
for people not in the stoneware pottery is different from the earthenware pottery that is available all across India and is usually one of a kind shape, with one of a kind glaze, and fired at very high temperatures, so are more durable and therefore more expensive...
I didnt really get a chance to get to learn pottery while in India,
......a new baby and shifting to the U.S occupied my mind, but I did manage to go to a few pottery exhibitions and stalls in Delhi before we moved... and I wished....
oh how I wished...
but New York with its overwhelming sights and sounds and things to do wiped everything from my mind...we were on a holiday and I didn't want to complicate things too much-especially with two kids around and so much to do!
but that didnt stop me from subscribing to a few pottery school's websites where I would get intimation of thier new classes...and I wished some more but kept quiet!
Maybe some day....
And then we had our family over for a few months, and my adorable mom in law suggested that why don't I do something, learn something, maybe for a couple of months...while she handled the children for me (it was the kids' summer break)
was there something I was interested in? she asked...
and I was off like a rocket!!!
It didnt matter that I was fasting, or that the studio was quite some distance away...or that I would have soooo much on my plate that I was usually dead by the time I hit the sack...


but man...pottery isn't easy...its pure dedication and lots of hard work and practice + practice + practice...
I have come home with sore shoulders and hands, and stiff back and a pounding headache...clothes all muddy...but believe me, it is all worth it...
the three to five hours that I get to spend over there...I forget the time, my worries, my kids... 
and the best part is I have made some tentative new friends...
people who I can talk to...have an adult conversation with (this is from a mom who most of the day just has her kids for company!)
so even though I have not been able to take the second semester, ( the family is leaving earlier than anticipated) I have at least got the ball rolling!
and knowing my obsession (I am eating, drinking, dreaming pottery these days) I will hopefully carry this on when I go back home to India, inshallah!
So no matter what part of the country the Army sends us...the pottery infection has taken root and will only grow!!
here are a few pictures that will show how I have grown in this one and a half months along with the pottery bug.... :-)

the first bowl that I made!

umm...a bowl or a plate..??

the first few cylinders....

...that turned into mugs!

these are how I have grown... a "little" better!
a different looking bowl with a small pitcher at the back!

a painted poppy plate...still has to get glazed!

So what do you think?


  1. Hi-

    I am trying for the third time to comment on your blog.... Your pictures of the pottery you have made look great.. At this point I am jealous as you have surpassed me with your talent...I now aspire to reach your level. I will miss sitting next to you Thursday Mornings in class.
    Your friend( not tentative) - Roberta

    PS- Wait til you see your glazed pieces Monday....

    1. hahaha Roberta... we all have grown so much in the pottery try outs just by seeing each other and learning from one another!
      I am so going to miss our sessions when I leave!! :-/
      and no u are so "NOT" a tentative friend!! :-)

  2. this is amazing! bravo for jumping into a new passion. :) i LOVE pottery and actually did a study abroad in japan and studying ancient firing techniques there. it was one of the best experiences of my life. and thanks so much for your comment on my blog. brought a big smile to my face. :)

    1. Hey Kimia
      I am so glad that you could drop by in my humble little corner! :-)
      and pottery is my BIG love at the moment...crossing my fingers that i get to continue it when I go back to to India to my nomadic life!
      any plans of having an exhibition in New york before I leave? before February?
      would love to see yr paintings...
      and Brooklyn in one of my favorite places in NYC- absolutely vibrant and brimming with artistic energy... I hope you have a great time in this AMAZING city!


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