Sunday, July 15, 2012

Doodles Mania!!

Boy am I addicted!!!
Was going through one of the blogs that I love to read...How About Orange (she comes up with such fantastic ideas and inspirations!) and there was a post there that had me sitting up!
As you know (very obvious from my blog) that I love doodling and this is for all doodle lovers who love to pass their time scribbling on notepads/ copies and textbooks and now on computors!
Its about a drawing website Scribbler Too that lets you create a drawing and makes a web around each of your strokes...these strokes/density and color of the web can be manipulated by the controls and you can create some fantastic artwork-even if you dont have a sketch pad and are just drawing with the mouse...
so go on scribble a bit and YENJOY!!

I know I am loving it!  :-)


  1. Excellent! It's so fun to see what you made. I especially love that owl.

    1. thank you Jessica... all thanx to yr post!
      keep it coming...i love all of them!

  2. bahut umda painting aur innovative idea.


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