Sunday, July 15, 2012

Doodles Mania!!

Boy am I addicted!!!
Was going through one of the blogs that I love to read...How About Orange (she comes up with such fantastic ideas and inspirations!) and there was a post there that had me sitting up!
As you know (very obvious from my blog) that I love doodling and this is for all doodle lovers who love to pass their time scribbling on notepads/ copies and textbooks and now on computors!
Its about a drawing website Scribbler Too that lets you create a drawing and makes a web around each of your strokes...these strokes/density and color of the web can be manipulated by the controls and you can create some fantastic artwork-even if you dont have a sketch pad and are just drawing with the mouse...
so go on scribble a bit and YENJOY!!

I know I am loving it!  :-)

Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday Doodles-Mario!

This is for my little Mario Fans!

  I hope your child enjoys drawing and coloring this cute and iconic character!
As I said before I would love requests of you or your child has any particular character in mind...

For more Step-by-Step Tutorials please click here

Sunday, July 8, 2012

cultural overdrive!!

the whole gang @ Times Square!

My house is full up!!
Family is over for a visit and there are conversations and arguments and discussions galore....
the politics and the corruption and the infuriating red tape of India...
The inevitable comparisons with the U.S.....
The despair of "when are we Indians ever going to have even a little civic sense and grow up as a society??'
"look at the 100 years or more of the underground Subway system and its still going strong!!"
etc etc...
The oohing and aahing over the main attractions of the Big Apple....
And then missing home and family...together...
Missing of the taste of the mangoes...esp. when my sister slurps over them on Facebook or my sister in law teases with them over Skype!
Its good to have family over for a gets hectic but at least its not lonely!
and it gets real lonely here, esp if you don't work and have no real friends here to speak of!!
and the best part is that the kids and grandparents are bonding big time....
aaaand another advantage.... :-)
I get to leave the kiddos behind with them and go explore..."alone!!"
So the first thing I immediately did was to go and check out a Shakespeare play that was being staged in an outdoor amphitheater in Roosevelt Island.
New York is famous for its theater, music, art, the jazz and of course the razmatazz!!  hahaha..
and there are a lot of things on my "to do list" that I am hoping to cover while they are here...
see??  I have an underhand agenda in calling family over... I told you I was cunning!
ok now back to the play:
Roosevelt Island is one of my favorite scenic places of Manhattan and when I heard from a friend, Amrita who lived there (lucky girl) about the play, I was ecstatic- it couldnt be a better setting!
The play was an adaptation of "Much Ado About Nothing" based out of Italy and not England.
It was a completely new experience for me...because the play was something called immersive theater /panoramic theatre where you are sitting on the steps and the actors are are moving all around you...
climbing up and down the stairs, sitting amongst you and spouting dialogues and you are following them all around, up and down....
you can choose to follow the main protagonists as they move, or follow other groups/characters that are acting all around you...
I was so immersed in the main plot that I completely forgot to follow the others- though I believe it
was quite a lot of fun watching thier antics...
oh well...cant have it both ways!
and to add a double dose of magic to the evening...we had natural twinkling lights all around us...
fireflies everywhere! 

now even Tinkerbell couldn't have put more magic in the evening with her pixie dust!

some images and a video for you to enjoy!

Unfortunately in spite of my best and most determined intentions, I missed out on the iconic Shakespeare in Central Park festival where you have big names like Merlyn Streep and Al Pacino performing in the Park!!
Mainly because I forgot (yes the best of intentions do forget-too much on my plate syndrome)
and also as my dear friend Amrita who did manage to go, told me...the line of the camped out people to get the passes was infinite and extremely daunting!
So we (Amrita and I) decided to check out the smaller and less popular options..
There was a play- Twelveth Night being staged in Bryant Park which seemed very interesting.
And it turned out to be a fantastic evening-well acted and staged with the best of the panoramic backgrounds you can think of...
The Hudson River with the Liberty Lady as a backdrop!
what can be more apt for a play staged in New York?
Only hitch being that we were not allowed to take any fotos of the actors...
And I had lugged my big heavy camera along for just such an opportunity  :-/
Anyways got some fantastic shots of the background to show you!

All gathering for the play to start!

This was the backdrop of the play...could anything beat it?

all of us standing engrossed on the steps and the play being enacted below...

beautiful was magical!!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July people!

image via

A very Happy Independence Day America...
Last year's 4th of July was really memorable in Boston...the few places where the Independence of America really started...
and it was sooo much fun-complete with parades and costumes and street dramas.
This year the family is over from India so the plan is for going out to see some patriotic flavor in New York...
Unfortunately other than the amazing fireworks show on the Hudson River there is NOTHING happening here...
and my Father in law being an Army man was expecting some good patriotic marchpasts and parades etc...
I think we will just have to be satisfied with the fireworks.. to get to a good place to view it....

Enjoy some innovative images of the stars and the stripes!  :-)

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image via
image via

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