Saturday, June 23, 2012

raindrops keep falling on my head!

Its been a really hot and sweltering week and after some amazing hill station like weather in the week before that, this heat was completely unwelcome!
We went about our day to day business in the heat with a grumpy and grouchy expression-dying to head back home to the welcoming cool embrace of the A.C.
Now I can really appreciate the frayed tempers and lacklustre professional attitude of people back home in India in the baking heat of 50 degrees and more!!
Blame it on the weather, people!! Not on us...
and so as we are inching towards the end of the week (its late Friday afternoon here) we have the black ominous clouds slowly moving over the horizon...
yaaaaayyy!! its going to rain!!
and before you can say "raindrops" the clouds burst and the whole world turns hazy around us!!
We watch from the safe confines of our balcony as the sudden storm lashes and howls and growls and throws lightening bolts at us!
The fury of the storm (and believe me it certainly behaves like a full fledged storm-at least from my little one's point of view who is petrified) is wondrous to behold!
and now for some piping hot pakodas and a steaming cuppa tea...
Interested, anyone?  :-)


  1. enjoy the rain.. loved reading the way you write.. :) give owais a BIG hug from me. Yaseen was scared of a penguin shaped balloon the other day.. quite hillarious..!! we made his kick it around to get over his fear and after he kicked it around so much giggling non stop that the poor penguin didn't survive...!! :)

    1. thank you hai saffu!! love the fact that you are reading it! :-)
      and i hope you recorded the "adorable yaseen penguin moment"... i would love to see it when we meet-give them both a big huggie!


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