Sunday, June 3, 2012

the first Indybindi stall in New York!!

 Held my first stall in New York in the famed Dekalb Market (click here) that I had written about in my earlier post...
though I didnt really sell as much as I had wanted to-its was a fun day!
the sun was out in its full glory after days to gloomy wet weather...
the crowd was fascinating...made a few new friends (fellow sellers), hung out with some old friends who had dropped in to lend support and to enjoy the market...
the food was fabulous and the mood/ambiance was seen to be believed!
the music concert was awesome and would have so loved to dance to it (its been ages since I have had a nice dance night) but was too exhausted by the end of the day to really get into the groove!
but what was the highlight of the day?
the number of sketches and doodles that I did while watching fellow sellers and engrossed buyers!
I hope you enjoy them!

giving directions on setting up the stall
a diva in full glory!

is she sketching me?
no I think she is sketching ME!!

man I am SO tired!!
mamma n baby in their own little world!

a very strange headgear!

another exhausted husband/boyfriend!

now which one looks good?
a fellow seller busy at her stall...

deep in conversation!

deep in thought!

a woman dressed to kill...couldnt resist making a fashion sketch of her!


  1. Very evocative sketches--u r talented!

  2. Nice sketches! Each is worth a second 'long gaze'.

  3. wow...someone is so talented here..beautiful sketches

    1. thank you for dropping by and leaving such a nice comment

  4. Great sketches! I have someone to inspire me! Just wanted to know, how many minutes do you take to sketch?

    The Arts & Me

    1. thank you sindhu- iy doesnt take long- these are called gesture drawings- supposed to be done in seconds before the person u are sketching moves.


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