Friday, June 8, 2012

1st Summer hols tutorials... a dinky car.

After last couple of weeks of playing hide and seek-dull dreary weather with sudden bursts of sunlight and then gloomy weather again... the sun is out in full glory! and hopefully will remain so...
and I am enjoying it all the more because back home in the plains of India, the summer is at its scorching worst...reaching 47 degrees and climbing!! whew!!
And its enough to make me dread the next summer in India, when we will most probably be back and facing the heat, literally and figuratively!
and so with summer comes the summer India its for two months while here in the U.S. its for a never ending three whole months!!!
Three long months that never seem to get over.
And like last year, this year too my kids are not going to a summer camp...
last year we were new and testing the water...everything was seeming too expensive and we also didnt want to tie ourselves down...had a lot of "exploring of a new country" plans!
This year though we have become comfortable with the spending the mighty dollar- and I would have jumped at a chance to send them off...the grandparents are going to be here!
and it would be really unfair for them if the grandchildren were out the whole day...
So...the kids are going to be home for three really busy months and I have gotta make a lot of plans to keep my two hyperactive boys busy and properly occupied-other than TV and video games!
One of them is of course lots of art and craft...hahahah!!!
what else would you expect out of me?
and I know that its summer holidays in India too-
so every week I am going to be posting a couple of art tutorials aimed at kids...
plus every week will be at least one craft that I am going to be doing with my munchkins...
so be prepared for a lot of easy, kid friendly art and craft every week!!
and if you have any particular character that your child is fond of, and wants to draw-
please let me know and I will be sure to post a tutorial of that!

so to start of today with a is the first tutorial of a small dinky car...
what can I say...I have TWO boys!

 aaaa....nnnddddd.....we are done!!
go ahead and color the car RED  or  YELLOW  or  BLUE !!
I hope you enjoyed it and do come back for more!!  :-)
it always a pleasure!

For more Step-by-Step Tutorials please click here


  1. WOW Maryam Bhabhi, you make it look so simple... i'm sure it must be, but only to you arty people... i'm not good when it comes to drawing... but i like your enthusiasm :) do upload pics on FB of the family... it's been a long time...

    1. thanx Nida...there is no end to my enthusiasm...just the hours in the day are less!!
      but will post some pix soon!

  2. mera comment kyuun nahi shao ho raha, sabse pehle maine likha tha! :(

    1. hahahah... koi baat nahi i WILL believe that you wrote yr comment first!
      you must have not clicked on the "publish" button...maybe!


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