Thursday, April 26, 2012

I want to taste this bird...

last night I made this cute Retro Bird coasters...
and the next thing I knew my three year old had decapitated it!!

swallowing my frustration i asked him why?
giving his brand of naughty+angelic smile he says
he wanted to taste the birdie!!
what can one say after that??  :-/

if you want a taste of this birdie too,please visit my shop:


  1. OMG so cute.. both story and the birds.. maryam make loads and send me some so i can put it in my stall here .. the next one that is... i think they'll do great.. !

    1. so cute.... these r pritty work apa send them to india so i can send them in shops plz and also send to ong kong

    2. hahaha...even i love these birdies!
      but right now guys i have booked a couple of summer shows where i will be having a stall- lets see.... will send you some stuff after that.
      this is to inspire you guys to start something on yr end!

    3. That is so adorable! Kids, you would never know what what come out of their mouths. Haha... love it.


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