Saturday, April 14, 2012

Recycled Market...Really?

Have got to tell you about a fantastic day spent at the season opening of an amazing market...
"Dekalb Market" had been launched towards the fag end of 2011 during the holiday season, (this means around September/October last year) but this year in spring they wanted to welcome the spring and summer festivities with a bang!!
So they had advertised a petting zoo for kids-lots of DIY workshops(stamp making, screen printing,weaving) and lots of handcrafted goodies for everyone along with a music concert!!
so how could I resist??
Remember in an earlier post (click here) I had written about the fantastic flea markets and holiday markets that are an intrinsic part of  New York and its artistic and bohemian culture...and I had covered the iconic Brooklyn Flea Market that we had visited in the winters..
Well, this market is also in Brooklyn (which seems to be a hub of all things arty/funky and Jazz infused and how I love it!) and the unique talking point of this market is that its shops are completely made out of re purposed shipping containers...
Yesss...I am talking about those HUGE ugly looking rectangular boxes/crates that have been given a couple of glass doors, a fresh coat of paint and voila...two quirky tiny shops form one container are ready for business!
And each of these shops have their own flavour, all depending on the kind of ware that they are selling and reflecting the seller's personality!
There is one that sells artifacts, lamps and jewellery from Africa and inspired by Africa..
Then there is a shop selling vintage and first edition toys (many dating back to the 50s and 60s) of iconic characters from the star wars and superman movies and other memorabilia.
There seem to be a thriving market here for Antiques (whether real or faked)...many dating back to the Civil War time as well, as we discovered on our travels to the smaller towns of the U.S.
Anyways back to the present, more fun time of our Dekalb Market visit...
How it works here is that there are a lot of permanent shops made out of the shipping containers housing new and upcoming designers selling everything from silk scarves and ties to woven baskets, bags and rugs and also gourmet food sellers selling paninis and gourmet pasta to mini donuts, salads and sweet eats and coffee and did I mention lobster??
Also because they have opened a beer garden this time around,  (it wasnt there last year) it led to a lot of satisfied crowd that were willing to hang around till the evening in anticipation of an open air concert in the middle of the market.
And though the beer wasn't our attraction...hanging on till evening wasn't difficult for me (cant say the same about my grumpy boys)
but it was all made up by the fantastic jazz concert which was such a pleasant surprise!!
I was expecting some thumping music action but the whole group dressed in bowler hats and suits and singing the songs of the black and white era was in one word-"fascinating"!!
After a lot of impromptu dancing and clapping later, we decided to head home...
but not before my dear husband succumbed to the magic of a fantastic blue silk tie with a beautiful silk screened graphic on it...
I wanted a cycle print (?) but he opted for a safer tree with roots print!!  :-)
we also couldn't resist passing up a pair of lovely antique silver cufflinks of polo players!! (can you believe it??) and this seller had photographs and documentation of the antique cufflinks' history!!!
here are some pictures taken of the unique arty market with its own flavor and vibe and which will be having me visiting them again and again.....and who knows maybe having my own stall there one of these days?
quite serious about the last bit by the way....will keep you posted!

This is the bright shipping container oasis in the middle of skyscrapers!!

I saw a Llama for the first time!

They even had a sheep and goat in their petting zoo!!

As usual there was jewelery galore...from stringy...

to stoney....

to quirky!!

to wood and silver...

hats to suit everyone...

accessories for your bicycle!

Filthy Farmgirl soaps with divine smells...

and awesome packaging-from filthy nurse to filthy teacher and lawyer and even an Indian "sutra"!!

natural soaps and candles...
to colorful bags...

can you guess what this is???

thats right a napkin holder and this one has a woodpecker in front of a hole! isn't it cute??

an artist at work!!
and "moi" enjoying the Jazz concert!

 and something for you to enjoy too!!!

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