Friday, March 16, 2012


the weather is nice...the sun is warm and there is a spring in my step and perfume in the air...
so here is my spring inspiration!!

To make this yourself- for Bottles:
1- please rub off the label after soaking in water.
2- Spray the bottles with white primer taking care to keep the nozzle 5 inches away.
3- Now spray the bottles with a bright base of Acrylic color like yellow, or green or red. Let dry completely.
4- Paint the design of your choice and give a black outline to give it a nice look. Dry it.
5- Finish off with a double coat of varnish. 

For Cork Coasters
1- Take a set of four pre-cut coasters- either square or circle
2- Make a design like an owl or flowers or some random abstract art in Acrylic colors (the ones you get in small bottles for painting on fabric)
3- Give a coat of varnish with a brush or double coat of Mod Podge, or Fevicol to seal it.

psssst...these are for my spring collection on my Etsy store!!!


  1. love these maryam... so fresh.. jaldi se make loads so u can ship it to me.


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