Monday, March 26, 2012

Creative Monday

Its a bright Monday morning here and I am humming with excitement!!!
made my monthly trip (who am I kidding-sometimes bimonthly) to my favorite craft store over the weekend and this time sans kids!
The patient father played "bonding with my sons time" while I explored the store like a kid in a candy shop...
I wanted everything!!
Though I went with a very small "essential" list but came back with two bags full!
so here is a little peek into what I will be working on this week and will hopefully get to finish at least three four sets of wooden coasters and kid's art and also try a few designs on the black stone coasters that you see in the picture...

and here is what I had done with my earlier wooden coasters...
now someone should like it enough to want to buy it!

and see you guys in a while!  :-)


  1. coollllll stufffff marrrooo aaappppaaa!! good going.

    1. thank you Zoya!! :-)
      you get started on yr side!


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