Monday, March 5, 2012


Been away from my blog for nearly a month...
I have no proper excuse...I have NOT been lazy, I have not been idle, in fact I have been super busy but have nothing to show for it!
does it ever happen to you guys that you get the feeling that you have spread yourself too thin...
that you have got involved in sooooo many things, have so much on your plate that you are not being able to do justice to anything!
I think thats whats happening to me and I don't feel that I  accomplish anything to write about at the end of the day!
I have been completely absent from my blog
I have absolutely neglected my online shop on Etsy, becoz for a new shop one really needs to devote time, energy and research into it...make new products-fill the shop up and what new stuff  have I done??? nothing!!
I am not being able to get the time to be really aggressive on the freelancing world-and if you are not aggressive and "out" there-you get absolutely NO work!
I am stressed out and constantly dreaming and planning about the new business venture that I am planning with my friends but even that is heading nowhere as of now...
and to make matters worse is just becoz I am not being able to do justice to the above mentioned jobs- I am on a short fuse with my kids!!
how unfair is that!
as if being busy with them and with the pile of housework is the actual reason for my sense of incompetence and failure
so for now...ENOUGH ALREADY!!
I am just going to take on one job at a time-do full justice to it...get it moving in the right direction and then get on to the next one...
so to begin with, I will start with my Etsy shop and GET IT GOING in high gear...and just because of the crafty things that I will be doing for it, I will be having enough masala to update you guys regularly on my blog with my arty crafty shenanigans!! (inshallah)
I will be killing two birds with one stone- how clever is that?
my kids will be hearing a new story every night, ( I will NOT be too tired for that)
rest of the things will have to wait...
and I promise you...there will be a crafty surprise waiting for you tomorow!!
[how is that for putting a bit of pressure on myself  :-) ]

and what about you people out there... what are you busy with these days...
do you feel you are shortchanging yourselves?
that you can do better...
get more output but there doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day?
do you also feel like that?
do you have any tips on how to get more output from the 24 hours that god has given us?

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