Wednesday, January 25, 2012

WEDNESDAY WANDERINGS..... Brooklyn Flea Market.

an antique toy plane, photo courtsey

A bright Wednesday morning here and it seems that the winter is already bidding us goodbye!
The freak snow that I wrote about here over the weekend is all gone...melted away in the rain on Monday.
And now even the icy puddles, which were frozen so hard over the last month, that my sons used to jump on them, have all disintegrated into slushy, muddy puddles...ewww (in my little one's tone!)
I am missing winter already!
What i loved about this first winter in New York-apart from the glitz and the lights and celebrations were the superb holiday markets that had mushroomed everywhere...
They were such a delight!
if i didnt have the kids along with me all the time-i am telling you there would not be any part of the NYC that i at least would not have tried to see...its all soooo amazing and varied...
each part of New York has something new and unique to offer you- and especially if you are artistically inclined...its heaven!
But during the Winters we also had the opportunity to visit one of the iconic Flea Markets of NYC.
the Brooklyn Flea Market!
During the summers (which i also mean to check out) its held out in the open with an beautiful view of the New York skyline.
but its venue in the winters is no less impressive!
The Flea Market is held annually in the winters in an old historical bank-the Williamsburg Savings Bank, and that building itself with its gorgeous interiors is worth a visit!
 More than a 100 vendors and collectors line the former teller windows on the ground floor, then there are some vendors in the secret rooms on the upstairs mezzanine, and also in the original bank vault on the lower level, which also features an eclectic food court and a seating area!
These vendors are selling anything from old antique- pins, jewellry, button badges of an era gone by, old baseball cards,old refurbished furniture, old hollywood and street posters, photographs, frames and sunglasses that remind you of our 70's stars,collectibles and vintage clothing, hats, purses...
And mind you if you are so inclined and the vendor has the time-there is some fantastic story behind each object that they are selling!
 Then there are people selling pottery, blown glass wares, painted tiles, painted scarves, hand printed unique kitchen linen and also painted and printed pop art!
there was even one vendor who was selling jewellery and bracelets made out of old records, another selling miniature gardens in closed containers (terrarium) with tiny figures in them as though part of the scenery!!
the whole experience left me feeling so overwhelmed and humbled...there was so much talent and vision and dedication that it made me feel inadequate...
you think you are talented? i dont think i could hold a candle to what these people have accomplished and are doing.... thier vision and focus is beyond compare...
maybe if i was living here a little longer than two years i could have hoped to have a stall there to sell my little artistic offerings...but i dont think i am prepared enough
These people have dedicated their entire lives to their craft and it shows!!

Here are some photographs to share with you...some are taken by me and some are from thier original site!

view from the top mezzanine (the sniper's hole) photo courtsey:

an antique statue from dunno where!  photo courtsey:

the beautifully painted original ceiling

the lovely chandeliers!

stained glass windows with each panel having a different design!

way to the bottom to have some amazing eats!

hand painted n printed pop art!

a close up!

screen printed canvases showing the sights of  NYC

unique memorablia

one of a kind stone necklaces

trying out the whacky antique glasses!

there was even a selection of kiddie stuff!

hand printed kitchen linen and cards etc

the guys with the recycled records
amazing pottery!

tiny plants growing on stones and rocks!

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