Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Recovering from the Winter Break!!

The long winter break from my blog has kinda made me a little nervous to write again...
how should I start...where should I start... do I have anything to write about??
leave alone the fact that I have been itching to write the whole of last month...been thinking about my posts on and many things happened-so many things to write about but no words to start with...
.......and then the moment passes and the excitement ends...and you realise you have no words now to describe everything!
To begin with, when its the holiday time and both your kids are home, and they are getting bored and hungry every half an hour, you are kind of in a tizzy as it is!
The day just whizzes past and at the end of it, you realise that you haven't done a single thing that "you" had wanted to do when the day started!

This is our first holiday season here in Amreekah and though all our friends were going elsewhere-skiing in the mountains and some were visiting the west coast or combing the beaches of Florida and Miami...

We just wanted to stay behind and enjoy the Christmas festivities of the Big Apple!

The New Year and Christmas celebrations of New York are legendary and we wanted to enjoy it in the first year itself...
Christmas was magical and though it was freezing cold, we did manage to brave the crowds and the cold, and really get into the spirit of things!
There was the Rockerfeller Centre Christmas tree which is huge tree illuminated by 30,000 environmentally friendly LED lights on approximately five miles of wire, and crowned by a Swarovski crystal star.
It is put up in a ceremony called the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony towards the end of November where they hold a concert to mark the event and a lot of big names perform at the event!
The streets are jammed and cordoned off and because, I think its a free concert...people are waiting there for the event for like the whole day!!
The Americans do that-especially for free events the people actually wait for hours,sometimes the whole day and many a times when they have door buster events(first come first serve freebies) or some new product is being launched-they actually wait the whole night in the freezing cold to be the first ones in!!! unbelievable!!
..There was this one time when  was walking home after dropping my little one to school and a new store was being opened....sorry, I think I am digressing-I'll keep this topic for another post!!   :-)
back to the topic of Christmas in New York!!

image via photoframd

So the Rockerfeller centre also had an ice skating rink which is a quintessential New York Christmas skating looks kind of easy and fun and my son was super excited-but after countless falls and skids he finally gave up!
but being the super optimistic person I am-I know I will convince him to give it another shot-later when the crowds have thinned!

The New York experience is also viewing the awesome window displays that most of these big shops have-the Saks showroom on 5th Avenue was very creative with moving machines amidst exotic models and a story woven in...the Land of Bubble makers

photo by "me"

via photoframd

via photoframd

then there were elaborate and interactive window displays of Bloomingdale, Macy's and Tiffanys! And of course there were those gigantic Christmas lights on Times Square...

via photoframd

the kiddos in front of the giant christmas lights!

There were amazing craft Holiday Markets mushrooming up everywhere...
selling everything from hand blown exquisite glass ornaments to hand made wallets and bags and antique objects and lots of Indians selling apna Dilli haat stoles, pashmina shawls and beaded bags etc!! And as expected the Indian stalls were always crowded!!

Some Holiday Market offerings!
glass blown christmas tree ornaments!

can you guess what these are? glass blown chicken-cute!

santa in a glass ornament!

a view of the stalls

The whole holiday experience was all the more fun because we had our cousins staying with us and thier enthusiasm was infectious...we had a whale of a time trying out everything!
as compared to that the New Year was more of a hype and not much fun!
agreed that the Times Square New Year celebration is greatly anticipated-what with the crystal ball and the live concert and everything...
but the biting cold with two kids and the jostling crowds was not something I really looked forward to... but not to do it was also so not done!!
so we bundled the kids and ourselves and ventured out...with all the preparations of a long wait till midnight...
but as expected we came back much before that...the cold wind and the pushing of the crowd and the noise of Times Square proved too much for my little one...
eventually we celebrated our New Years in the warm cosy confines of our home with a big bowl of popcorn, a feel good comedy and kids fast asleep in the warm bed!
of course we did tune into the TV to see the famous Crystal Ball drop!!   :-)
of course, as we watched it on TV I turned to my husband and said that at least he should have stayed on in Times Square and at least seen and experienced what all the fuss was about... and he gives me those enigmatic smiles of his and says..."now you are telling me?"
hahaha....maybe next year I will tell him in time!

In retrospect, I think the New Year Celebrations back home in India are more child friendly and fun!!
but a Happy New Year everyone, even though its ten days too late!


  1. loved looking at the new york christmas celebrations with you...pretty.. its a good thing you decided to brave the chill and go out.. u'd have really regretted if you hadn't...!!! baar baar mauka kahan milne wala hai.. :) waise why should faisal bhai get to enjoy christman while you stay at home..?? what u can do is ask sarah n her hubby to drop in over christmas, babysit the kids for one night while u guys go on a date.. ;)

  2. got to my blog after looooong-just not being able to get the time....
    jaise hi time milta hai i sit down with my book...
    oh you MUST try it saffu-i know u will love it
    "a song of ice and fire" by george r r martin!
    christmas was good but NYC new years honestly-our fauji new years are more fun!
    or else u have to be footloose n free! to really enjoy the dhamaka.
    next yr we are not staying bk-we'll probably check out some other place! :-)

  3. Wow looks like absolute bliss.Thanks for sharing,I just feel like packing my bags and going there.


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