Wednesday, November 23, 2011

wednesday works...

This is how it all started...was going to make something that goes with the bottles that I showed in my earlier post (same theme as the flowers)
 but got so carried away with the colors that they ultimately turned out like this!!

They are not big (6" by 8") so they got finished in a day...
got 6 more of these to make then will move on to something else....
I feel as though I am running against time....the 6th of December is looming closer and closer and I gotta do so much more!!.... GO!GO!GO!


  1. this is so awesome ..... great going marro

  2. hey just visited ur blog randomly...amazing paintings..i just love dem...perfect to add sum color to my u put up an exhibition or are for sale???
    do lemme knw...


  3. thanx shallu aka the wall trying hard to stay afloat but loving every minute of it...tumhare blog ka kya hua??
    @nupur my paintings are for sale but unfortunately i am not in india at the moment...where are you based?

  4. Can I just say - Holy Cow!
    This is super stuff. Is this for someone or up for sale?

    And what's on 6th Dec?

  5. love this collection.. great stuff i think u will do great... all the best.. u should also tell us how u made the backgrounds.. love it... GO .. GO.. GO..

  6. thanx Eleventy Seven(just discovered yr blog and id, Sonu)
    its actually for a Holiday Market in Manhattan...i will be having a stall there and its on the 6th of Dec!
    and thank you hai saffu!! actually made the entire background in acrylic paints (didnt have the oil colors) with my butter knife (didnt have a pallete knife so had to improvise..hahah)!
    glad u guys liked it!! :-)

  7. Just one word: LOVELY!
    just saw this post, don't know how i missed this one... great stuff maryam bhabhi... i'm loving it! :D


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