Tuesday, November 22, 2011

tuesday update!

hey guys sorry for the disappearing act...
got a lot on my plate but here is a quick update...
the vases are finished and now i move on to matching small paintings...

will post those as soon as i am done!
am a little confused as to how to price them...
got any suggestions?
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  1. i think the pricing shud depend on how much time u spent on painting each one of em......they look so good!!

  2. Really good!

  3. wow aapa, this is so cool, aap ne jab pics bheeja tha even i had started wid painting bottles but time nahi mila finish karne ke kiye... achcha bayaiye acrilic bina primar ke char gaya kya.... its too good apa.... ab jaldi se come back n sambhalo artwork here in india as well....

  4. super cool but tell me is acrylic staying on glass coz i had painted but came off after some time ..

  5. thank you Gifty,,Juhi, Indybindi and Anonymous :-)
    am discussing with a few people how to price them... lets see!
    and about the acrylic colors staying on the glass-
    with the fully sprayed on paint-its advisable to have a coat of primer before spraying on the base color
    it stays put and doesnt scratch off easily-(afterwards just have a double coat of varnish once the design has been painted on.)
    but in the big green bottle i just wanted the flowers and the butterflies..
    there the acrylic did get scratched a bit-the trick is to paint fast,as soon as it dries-spray on the varnish-2 coats!
    it doesnt come off after that.
    i hope this helps :-)

  6. these are sooooo coooolllll good work !!!!

  7. what an idea sirji!!!!!
    ur door hangers & these bottles....jst awsme

  8. Maryam this is fantastic stuff!!, Hope I was half(maybe that's too much) as creative!!
    To each his own...seriously commendable. Could not resist myself from becoming a fan of yours.
    keep it up..way to go girl.

  9. thank you my darling sisters-Nashra and Zoya-
    u guys keep me motivated!
    and dear Tiger Tiwari :-)...glad you dropped by-hope to hear a few more roars from you-your roaring encouragement is always welcome!
    thank you!

  10. Awesome work :) Congratulations! I am floored by the creativity.

    I can provide you suggestions and also put you on to easily sell these at optimum price. Can you either chat with me through IndiMail or on my email? My blog is at phantomdelight.blogspot.in and my email is phantomdelight@gmail.com

    ps: no, i don't do this regularly - have no financial benefit out of it. just that i m a very fond fashionista and jewelerista and do quite a bit. saw this and your creativity won me over :) that is all :)

    1. thank you for your compliments and your advice.
      will definitely get in touch with you through indimail- glad we connected!

  11. Great ! very innovative..can you please tell me what type of colours you've used ? Are they glass painting colours ?

    1. thank you! they are acrylic paints not glass paints coz the bottles are already of colored glass- glass paints woulnd not show through.


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