Wednesday, November 2, 2011

snow in October??

The postcard quality couldn't really be captured from a moving car!

The swirling snow viewed from our apartment!

Its tuesday morning here and I know I am waking up a day late, to wish you guys a good and fruitful week ahead!
we had a fantastic and eventful weekend (which hopefully explains my absence from the blog)....
It was filled with Halloween festivities and fun with some old friends and SNOW!!
I know a lot of you must have experienced snowfall (esp. my army friends) but do you remember when you first felt the snowflake come floating down and fall softly on your cheeks...
its magical!!
and all the more magical when its the first time for both my kids and me (my dear husband has been there, done that, though he thoroughly enjoyed our enthusiasm)...
and we just couldn't get over the wonder of it...
we danced and twirled and ran in the in the softly swirling snowflakes till it became really gusty and windy and we had to rush back inside and watch it from a distance...
and what a magical day it was...
It was like those picture postcards or christmas cards that we used to collect when we were kids...
The drive back home from Manhattan (we had gone to pick up some old friends) was when the storm was at its peak and traffic was crawling...but we didn't mind because the scenery around us had taken on a fairytale quality...
I think the magical feel was more so because the snow was so unexpected....
it wasn't like the cold had been building up and we were prepared for it, like it would be in December.
The Weatherman here had been predicting snow on Saturday and though we knew the "Weatherman" is never wrong(wish we had this accuracy back home in India)...we didn't really take it seriously!
The snowstorm in New York was actually quite mild, but in the rest of the areas around, it was quite destructive...a few parts in New Jersey etc hadn't yet got their power on till last night!
But for us lucky people who were not hit that bad, the best part is that though it became really cold, the next day was clear and sunny with the snow still on the grounds and the pavements and roofs!
and it being Sunday, we couldn't waste that bright sun by being cooped up inside..
so Bear Mountain was where we went for a spontaneous and beautifully scenic drive
and I cant begin to describe how beautiful it was...
the fall colors on the trees were at their peak!
the yellows and oranges and reds were all along the road while the pristine white snow was covering the sidewalks and the roofs of the cottages!
we couldn't go up to the Bear Mountain because the road was closed but we strolled along the lake at the bottom of the mountain and tried to make a snowman and have a snowball fight with our bare hands!
what can I say, our enthusiasm couldn't match up with our preparation...
so the next thing on our shopping list is waterproof mittens so that we can make a snowman without our hands freezing over!
and a snow sledge so we can go sliding down the snow covered hill......yaaaaaay!

and so, we wait for the next snowfall....:-)
 and leave you with these pictures....ciao!

the photos taken from a moving car-couldnt stop coz we were on the highway!

the beautiful lake at the bottom of Bear Mountain

the colors... oh! the colors...


  1. Totally LOVEd all your pictures...remind me of our trip to Bear Mountain long ago.
    Isn't is amazing....the view of the fall colors paired with snow!!!

  2. hi Neha...thanx for stopping by :-)
    and yes the fall colors are mind blowing...
    i have been inspired by the whole range of colors that the nature has to offer that i just cant seem to stop raving about it!

  3. how awesome maryam.. what fun.. i could just picture you frolicking in the snow... i felt my first snowfall while in Bournemouth.. was walking back from the library and then voila.. snow flakes gently drifting by that it took me a minute to actually register it was snowing...!! Me and a couple o other Indian freaks (who were also experiencing it for the first time) stayed out till as long as we could dare...unfortunately in Bournemouth the snow doesnt settle.. so the next day there was just slush on the roads...!!! loved the photos btw... Iphone..???

  4. hello Maryam Bhabhi!
    AWESOME pics and description... I'm also looking forward to experiencing some snow... going to Munich (Germany) on 20th Nov... InshaAllah... with Omar to be back after a month! :D :D :D

  5. yes saffu...first snowfall experience is i think always magical...we are all prepared now for the next snow fall complete with waterproof gloves and snow sled...will make sure we have fun!
    @ nida-grrrreeaat that u are going to germany and that also for a month?
    awesome-u'll celebrate new yrs there?
    i am looking forward to yr photos when u come bk-they are always grt!


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