Monday, November 28, 2011

Holiday update!!

Thanxgiving is over..whew!!
I will definitely write about all the eye opening experiences that only Amreekah can give, in my next post...
but as I have my "chai" and my homemade "hotdog" (soooper combination of desi and videshi!) on a Monday morning I update you guys of the stuff done over a soooper holiday weekend!
Was feeling nostalgic (rather homesick) so I wanted to make a bit of Indian art...maybe it might appeal to people enough to compel them to buy it!  you know the "exotic-foreign touch!"   :-)
I am being conniving but what can I wanting to sell as much as I can!
so here are six water color illustrations done over the weekend...

hope you guys like them!


  1. just to keep u pepped up... still reading your blogs.. i like the paintings...its very your style.. i like the last one the most.. :) keep going babes... GO .. GO .. GO..

  2. i know saffu..i just cant seem to get rid of "my" style...
    they all can be recognised as "my" work by everyone!

  3. Amazing posters :) nice sketches explaining details of Indain art. :)


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