Thursday, October 27, 2011

veggie salad?

The Mix Veggie Salad!

There are some people who love eating and dont ever hold themselves back...but never gain even a microgram of weight....(my younger sister, Safoora is a very good example)
These people can eat what they like, when they like and remain the same...always!
They are the objects of envy of everyone around them...
Then there are some people who though they like food, but have a naturally low appetite...and hence never put on weight...(my friends Bazma and Richa are the lucky ones that come to mind)
These lucky few are not extremely fond of food, they are not really passionate about what they eat-they eat what they get and are ok with it!
The above two examples are the ones who hate excercising -or probably have never excercised...
they dont need it!
The next lot are the people like my dear husband...he loves food, he loves to experiment with all kinds of cuisines but has a superb will soon as he thinks he is putting on weight...he just switches off, starts controlling his portions-maybe does a bit of excercise... and the pounds just shed like magic....
and he is back to his fit self again!! and I just watch in amazement and deep envy....
And then there are people like me....
Who love eating (in fact are passionate about it) but try very hard to hold themselves back...who have had a constant battle with the bulge since the time they can remember...
people like us who put on weight just by breathing the air we live in...
who have exercised like crazy, ran and walked and swam and done aerobics-you name it and we have done it all!!! ...but a svelte figure has somehow evaded us...
We have done dieting, had controlled portions...gone on a detox diets and everything, but to no avail!
Here in the U.S. its not difficult to lose weight... you are constantly on your feet, doing all the housework, lugging the children around everywhere, and especially in New York, where you have to walk a lot to reach most places!
All the help that you took for granted back home like the maid and the driver and the gardner and the are all that rolled in one!
and especially if you are cooking your own food, you can experiment with all the amazing ingredients, tastes and textures that are available here... and if you are careful with what goes into your can at least not put on weight! and I think thats whats been happening with me...
I havent lost weight (I am enjoying my gastronomical journey too much for that) but I havent gained weight as well...
especially as I love my salads (much to my husband's amazement-he cant relate to the fact the some people might actually enjoy salads), so at least three times a week my dinner is a salad...
so here is a rather scrumptious salad that I love which is filling and delicious!

whisk together-1 tbsp mustard sauce
            2 tbsp honey
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tbsp apple cider vinegar
1/2 tsp sugar
pinch of salt and freshly crushed pepper
(I also sometimes add low fat hung curd to the dressing for a more creamy flavour)
you can try both ways!

1/2 a zuchchini (cut in slices)
1/2 yellow/red pepper (cut in small squares)
3 button mushrooms (sliced)
4-5 baby carrots-whole/ or normal carrots-cubed

heat a little olive oil to just coat the pan, add the above veggies and stir fry till slightly cooked but still crunchy!
add a pinch of salt and pepper 
In a salad bowl, take about 3-4 leaves of Romaine lettuce, torn into bite pieces
add cherry tomatoes (cut them in half if you so prefer)
add the stir fried veggies and sprinkle some crumbled feta cheese.
pour the dressing over it, and enjoy!!
simple and delicious....


  1. i can so relate to this!!!! me with my larger than life sweet tooth.....sigh!!!! wish we could eat all we want without putting on weight!!!:-(

  2. ha.. i wish... this used to be the case with me but not any more... m stuck with the last 5 kilos that are just refusing to fall off like the way they used to before i had two kids... :( we are on the same page now maryam...!!
    btw like the salad recipe.. will definitely give it a shot..... :)


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