Saturday, October 8, 2011

Dressing up Royally!!!

Hey guys..its a glorious Saturday morning and the sun is out...yaaaaaay!!
Why the excited "yaaay" is because for the past two-three weekends we have been missing the sun...
Its been cloudy and muggy and drizzling most of the time-and if not drizzling then it would be tooooo cold and windy!
      Normally that wouldnt have stopped me if I was alone and I would have made sure to enjoy what ever time is left before one gets cooped up inside because of the snow...but hauling a two year old around in the rain is not a chance I was wanting to take..
so for the past couple of weekends..not much has been happening.
But we did sneak out for a fantastic festival last weekend (inspite of the threatening grey clouds)
and thankfully the rain gods did not play spoilsport with us till the very end of the evening!
        Like I told you Halloween is at the end of October but I think this whole October is the month of dressing up!!
And so when I came to know that there was a Medieval Festival in Manhatten, I had to really convince my brood to take me there...
My dear husband was in the mood for a long drive to the countryside(not another festival, he says)
My elder son was in the mood for cycling and Karate and the thought of all the people dressed up as kings and queens did not really appeal to him...  :-)
The younger one of course had no say (I thank god for that-till it lasts.....)
but as usual...I had my way (hah!!!)
and boy did we have fun!!!
Everyone was dressed up...from Viking kings to Mongolian Kings(Ghenghis Khan type) to English
Kings and Queens and Ladies of the court to Jesters and we even had the Merry Band of Robin Hood!
There were all kinds of roguishly handsome pirates and my very own Captain Jack Sparrow (oh how I wish I could have mustered up the courage to take a photo with him!) and he was selling silver cute is that!
There were street plays and Magicians and puppeteers and vendors selling exotic costumes, to fairy art, to tattoos, to beautiful silver trinkets!
Children were dressed as Knights and there was mock sword play fights....and dances and we even had a bard with a guitar singing Irish songs...
I was soo wanting to get a Knight's costume for my elder one-but just couldnt get the right size...he was either too big or too small for the sizes available!
The Park where the Medieval Festival took place was wonderfully located...middle of Manhattan but surrounded by lush greenery so that you dont feel you are in the middle of a big city-and overlooking the Hudson River!
The evening Finale was the Joust tournament..
here you have seven to eight handsome Knights who are riding on horses  and they have those long poles with which they have to attack each other and the one unseated is the one who loses...
It was exhilarating to watch and there was lots of booing and cheering and the Mayor dressed up as King stood up to clap in enthusiasm a number of times.....and just as it was finishing-there was a crack of thunder and down came the the rain....absolutely perfect timing!!!
Its an annual Festival thing and next year I dont think I will have any convincing to do to get them to go again and who knows....I might even get the three men in my life to dress up and go for the Medieval Festival!!!
what do you say?....go as a pirate family or a royal family??

Enjoy a few pictures....  :-)


A very entertaining street play

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