Sunday, October 9, 2011

Halloween Freebies!!

Hi there guys...
Sunday morning in this part of the world and I am feeling in a good mood!
The coming three months are festive months and here in good ol' America its the months of Halloween and Thanksgiving and Christmas...
I have been toying with a few halloween designs the last few days (for a few clients) so I thought why not make a few designs for my friends and followers on my blog....
I know in India, halloween is not such a big thing but this whole concept of dressing up and having costume parties...and becoming ghouls and monsters and children going out to houses with bags for "trick or treat" is so much fun..
My elder one is going to be a Vampire and the little one, a Pirate!  :-)
So here, to keep up with the spirit is a single Halloween concept...
Just click-copy, paste-print on a good card stock paper, cut and use!!!  easy...peasy!!

Halloween bookmarks

Halloween invites

sweets/muffin tags  (tape a toothpick behind the card and stick on individual muffins)!

Gift Tags

Menu card for the party!
Go on, have a rocking Halloween party whichever part of the world you are in!
These have got me sooooo excited that I am planning on making a few more free samples for you guys (any requests or specific ideas???)  and will definitely throw a Halloween party sooon!
Gotto use these ideas which are churning in my brain....  :-)

P.S. please remember that these images are for personal use only, and NOT for commercial purposes, thank you! and if you do mention/ use these images in yr blog/website please do add a link back to my blog...I would appreciate it!

1 comment:

  1. lurve the designs maryam.. how cool.. maybe not this year but i am thinking next year i might throw a halloween party and use these ideas.. :) put up more freebies... :)


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