Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Here in the U.S. Halloween is everywhere-in all shops and all malls and all online stores and even my elder son's school's websites!
And back home in India-there must be Diwali hoopla everywhere...
and its such a fun time-lots of festive color and lights and sweets and all markets are dressed up...
there are freebies everywhere... candles and Diyas...and rangoli and crackers...
how I miss it!!
but here are some ideas that I have collected just for my friends and followers of
 my blog...
lots of ideas of how you can dress up a plain and simple candle or a tealight for the Diwali decorations..
they can even be an inspiration or a starting point for a lovely dinner party(hint for my fauji friends)...
these are all ideas that you can do yourself with simple T-lights and pillar candles and some glass vases!
dressing up a simple wine glass with a lovely paper shade and a t- light!! 

you can add these pillar candles in old earthenware vessels(matkas)...dress then up or give them an old distressed look!

lovely ways to dress up a pillar candle with flowers or a simple high ball glasses with floating t-lights

stick dry flowers in simple candles to dress them up or if you too lazy-then get them from  Fab India and stick then on empty wine bottles!

here simple Mason jars (or old Jam/Pickle Jars) have been given a lift-filled with acorn but you can fill them with small stones or even cofee beans with a candle votive in between

pillar candle surrounded by fall leaves(you can also use fake leaves and acorns/stones and lots of twigs... nice and earthy feel!

this is such a lovely idea of upturned wine glasses with a beautiful flower and a candle on top!

salt and cherries/raspberries-you can use different colored marbles/stones  with a pillar candle on a bed of fresh leaves/foliage!

hahhaa-here its old colored bulbs but smooth stones/pebbles will also work well! you can even color them to match your pillar candle!

this one is beautiful-pillar candle in a vase on a bed of gravel,succulent plants and some simple and pretty!

dry flowers with a twine with candle glass on a bed of wooden ...earthy!

lace covered jam/pickle jars with T- lights....awesome and simple...
you can do it,right?

candles look very pretty surrounded by smooth pebbles and glass...

HAPPY DIWALI  everyone!!  and do tell me if any of these ideas inspired you enough and if you plan on using any of them this Diwali!


  1. didn't use them for this diwali but am totally inspired to use these awesome ideas for the next..jus saw them,lovely n simple too ....n so attractive!!

  2. gud ideas !
    even festivals are full of art


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