Saturday, October 15, 2011

autumn inspiration...

Hey guys, its Friday morning here and the weekend is just around the corner!
But its that weather again...muddy...slushy... and we are enveloped in a constant cloud of drizzle (you know those tiny droplets that neither soak you nor keep you completely dry?)
The sun has disappeared once more after dazzling us the last few days and the weatherman( the rest of the U.S.... I follow the weather closely) says its not going to show its face again for the whole weekend!!..
And here I was thinking autumn means a lovely chill in the air and beautiful yellow orange leaves all around...
lots of hot cocoa and snuggling up in warm clothes and warmer people.... ;-)
Certainly not this wet weather where its neither cold nor warm...neither wet nor dry.....ugggghh!
So to cheer myself up in this grey weather, I went and bought a pair of bright red rain boots!
what can I say-I am a die hard believer of bright and gay colors elevating the mood...
and am also in the process of completing a couple of sketches inspired by the autumn that I have been picking up on my long walks!

The three outside our building
Another one! I can go back to sipping my hot cuppa tea and missing the piping hot yummy samosas that I left behind in India....or the onion pakodis that go so well with my tea!  :-)


  1. The sketches are amazing! Way to go bhabi :)

  2. amazing sketches by amazing hands.Wondering whether these are camera images or sketches.
    well done,keep it up.

  3. Needed further explanation about the halloween but Nashra has explained it to me.It seems very interesting.On further query Nashra suggested to search net.

  4. thank you sarah...its fun to get back to sketching...:-)
    kamal mamma-these are pencil and water color sketches with photography! it has everything
    and yes-halloween is a lot of fun.will pictures!


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