Thursday, September 1, 2011

the dream home :-)

I have lived in a hostel all my life..shared a dormitory with 100 other girls when in school,
shared a room with 5 girls when in college,and shared a flat with 2 friends when working...
So it was but natural that I was craving for a place to call my own...I used to go to my ancestral farm on vacations and insist on having a room all to myself (at least here-please!!!)
not wanting to share even an inch of space with my five other siblings...and it helped that I was the eldest-hahaha...could have my way most of the time :-)
but I always dreamed that I would one day live in a tiny fairytale cottage (not a mansion, mind you-I am a girl of simple dreams,heheheh) after I got married or when I earned my own home(whichever came first)...
I would have my own little green patch that will be bursting at the seams with flowers and arty nick nacks...
It would be near a serene lake/pond that will have lovely ducks and swans and pretty butterflies and birds. and oh yes a weeping willow on the banks with lavender colored flowers...
(I am quite specific with details as you can see )
the cottage would be like the pictures that you find in most fairy tales with a rocky facade covered with ivy, chimney with the smoke curling up lazily...a lovely arching gateway to the front garden, covered with wild pink climbing rose...aaaaah!
A gravel or a zig-zagging stone pathway leading up to the front brightly colored door...or an elevated porch with hanging baskets dripping with vibrant colors...
The front door will even have a brass knocker  :-)
You can see I go into extreme details.
The cottage would have a tiled terracotta roof-half of with will be covered with climbing plants and flowers and knowing my country-bouginvilla sounds like a safe bet!
And now that I have children...there will be big trees in the backyard where they can have a swing hanging down from the sturdy branches-moving lazily in the breeze.
Maybe a tiny tree house??? (I am getting a little too ambitious in my dream world)
ok, then what about a tiny shed that my children can call a castle???
AND then I got married to an army officer and poooof! went my dream of putting down my roots became more like uprooting your roots every six months on an average!
Not that I am complaining....dont take it too badly dear husband coz I know you are reading this,
we got some fantastic homes to live in, and amazing places to discover but before we could put up our feet and say..."aaaaaaaah.... now we are settled in"
we had to move again!!
So I had kind of given up on having a house of my own before we retired....and relegated this dream to the back of my mind under the folder of "maybe"....
and then we came to the U.S.....
Here we live in a high rise in New York and though I was secretly hoping to get a stand alone duplex (that I saw a few of my friends in the US living in) where I could maybe live a part of my dream..
but in hindsight, in a new country-with children,living in a building with a doorman and its other facilities with shopping malls close by is a more practical option...
but here in the countryside (not in the big world of NYC) are some amazing homes that we have come across.....
whenever we have gone to the beaches-we saw some dreamy beach homes,we went camping and came across so many amazing and fairy tale like houses that I couldn't help going-awwww....look at that!
And my dear husband would give me his enigmatic smile and click a nice photograph of it...
he has stored all these photos under the folder "Maryam's dream homes"
I thought I would share some of these photos with you and also some that I have downloaded online.
Enjoy and dream along....maybe, hopefully they'll come true!!

maybe those of you lucky people who do have a home in the countryside or have an individual house, period.... can take inspiration from these pictures  :-)
would love to know what you guys think!!


  1. luvly dream maryam,i hope all ur dreams comes true!

  2. WOW Maryam!! lovely houses!! Your descriptions are so vivid that one can actually picturize the whole view!! Keep on dreaming girl!! They may come true some day!! Amen!! :)

  3. ha ha .. i remember your sketch book and your fantastic sketches.. one particular one stands out in my memory where you had made a sketch of your dream house/ cottage which looks a lot like these photos you've out up.. i can still see that black and white sketch in my mind.. dunno if you remember which one i'm talking about.. and oh yes your 'room' that ammi and abbu had built just for you and i was green with envy.. you;d put up posters of WHAM and george micheal whom i had a major crush on..!! i used to love hanging out in 'your' room and look for hidden Mills and Boons and read them in the sly..!! Even though it was technically 'your' room i'd be holed up there as well against your wishes ofcourse.. ;) finally ammi fixed a 'tiny' little room for me but it'd get so darn HOT in there that i'd still end in your space... My room was so tiny that later turned into a dog shed... ha talk about being treated fairly by our parents..!!!

  4. hey maryam, i really admire the manner in which u hav described the intricated details of ur dream home. the pictures are quite appealing as well, it feels one is actually physically browsing through these houses. u know, i recently as in last year only bought a house of my own. it is located in a remote and isolated colony calld Green fields in faridabad, haryana. its so calm n quite out there, surrounded by lush green meadows and foliage. after reading ur post i generally felt like writin down a little about my house since it is actually an amazing and a splendid feeling to own a house of ur own.

  5. thank you guys... i wish everyone's dreams come true too!
    and @saffu... i remember ALL the times that you sneaked into my room and read my books... :-) i was good enuff to ignore it hahaha!
    but i hated it that you followed me around like a shadow everywhere ( i can see it being repeated in ayaan and owais) and when you grew up and had yr own frenz...i missed the attention :-)
    @fazal-i am soooo glad that you have bought a house of yr own-its the best thing! and it sounds very nice...congrats and may you fill the house with great memories to last a lifetime!

  6. Hazaron khwahishein aisi ki har khwahish pe dam nikle
    Bahut nikle mere arman lekin phir bhi kam nikle

    Zindagi ka mazaa to yehi hai ki hamare khwab pure hote rahein phir bhi kuch adhoore hi rahein.Jab tak khwabon ki duniya aabaad hai hamari zindagi rangeen hai.

  7. The writing compliments the pictures, and vice versa. :)

    1. thank you so much Sakshi for your sweet words. I had such a nice time going though these pictures myself

  8. Ohh Maryam, seriously our taste for a dream home is so similar. I too love lush green and country styled homes. I have always got attracted towards Ireland architectures. Good to know, that we are on the same page :) Thanks you so much for these beautiful pictures.

    1. glad you liked the pictures! They were so much fun and yes country style homes with rambling flowers and white picket fence is soooo my dream home.
      thanx for stopping by!


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