Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wave...craft paradise!!

can you believe this shoe is made of papier mache?
In America hand made,hand crafted and painted things are in big demand....
There are lots of sites that only sell american hand crafted souvenirs and home decor stuff and I have been having many wonderfully inspired mornings going through them one by one....
these sites and design stores sell beautiful american patchwork quilts,scupltures,pottery,handcrafted jewellery, papier mache souvenir and what have you...

have to tell you about this craft or rather design gallery that I visited on my way back from Boston one long weekend...(Boston is a beautiful historic city near New York-will be covered in my next post)
It was soooo inspiring that the hidden craftiness in me has emerged and I want to make everything that was there in that store and Indybindi-you are soon going to have some fresh ideas in your collection!!
The store was called Wave and it was on a really quaint old world street in a small town called New Haven and it had the most amazing stuff that one can aspire to make!...
They were all hand made and painted and crafted and it has made me to go the nearest craft store and splurge on and when I make the stuff-I'll keep you guys posted!

The store had beautifully painted Lazy Susans, amazing scrap metal sculptures,interesting pottery knick knacks that are just screaming out for you to pick them up!
There were hand made soaps, Buddha shaped candles,amazing wooden painted magnetic calenders...and awesome papier mache sculptures.....
Oh and how did I miss out the jewellery...the jewellery line was inspired by all things natural...from sea shell shaped ear rings to twigs necklace and flowery rings....
I wanted them all... :-)
These are just a few pictures that I managed to take (the store representative was most gracious) and when she learnt that we were from India,she was very enthusiastic.... she practices yoga and is fascinated by all things Indian!  :-)

beautiful vibrant pottery and knick knacks
wooden wall hangings, colorful mirrors and tiny paintings!

vibrantly colored lazy susans (love the name)

the warm lady at the store

dont miss the buddha shaped candles on the left 

chocolates galore

and i want it ALL.....!!!


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  2. Great ideas for Indybindi :) and the store is indeed tempting! :p

  3. Thanx for bringing the live coverage of amreekha every now n then....and now we know what to ask you to buy for prepared dear

  4. yes dream is to have a store like that...inshallah someday when i am more stable...
    sindhu-hahahha....have yr long list ready-anytime :-)

  5. that shoe is awsme
    and i too want it alllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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