Wednesday, August 31, 2011

there is no end to wanting!!!

Its Eid time...a time for gifts and best wishes...
with my Eidi (Eid Gift Money) i was wondering what to buy...and with the amount of options available dint know what to zero on..
Does it happen to you guys as well???
that you go shopping and you enter a store where you want virtually everything...
sadly either you backoff before you end up spending your whole month's salary or you buy one or two things and then keep thinking about the others and.....should I, shouldnt I??
In this age of internet shopping there are sooooo many online stores that are complete treasure troves...
and like me if you bookmark them and then keep going back again and again and saying to yourself...
should I shouldnt I???
you get my drift?
Just happened across some reeeaaally adorable stuff online that I thought I'd share with you...

and you can tell me which ones you liked the best!!  As for me-I want them all  :-)
the most colorful magnetic pin holder  

can you believe what this is?  a cookie car... how cute is that??

you guessed it right...a snail tape dispenser..

isnt the porcupine the cutest???

different character magnets!!

vegetable peeler...have you seen anything like it?
another peeler :-)  ladylike!

full marks for guessing what this is......a soap dish!!  hahaha!

a mushroom stool...takes me to my fairytale filled childhood!

two peas in a pod...salt and pepper shaker!

this is a dish scrubber...:-)


  1. loved the magnet and the magnetic pin-holder... the tape-dispenser too! too tempting Maryam Bhabhi !! :P

  2. loved all the items especially the peelers, magnetic pin holder, stool and shakers... so cute... even here i always end up shopping every time i step out.. got this really cute lizard shaped hook and a really cool and practical banana case...!! comes in so handy.. but yeah i have to always talk myself out of buying stuff i don't need but look so dang cute...

  3. i know this is just the 10th of the photos of things that i have collected...
    the wanting is infinite-you can never get enough...
    will post those photos to you guys by and by... :-)

  4. Every thing so beautiful and artistically made.Indi bindi can take cue from it.

  5. yes Mamma-there are so many interesting things here its fun to have a look and see!
    I have collected a lot of things for indybindi...lots of inspiration :-)


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