Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Crafty Avtaar :-)

holding the pride of place on my fridge....
Hello people!!!......
thought I'd update you on some arty crafty stuff i have been upto.  Been trying to keep my hyper active elder son gainfully occupied in his summer break and in the process learning a lot of new things!!
The latest obsession is playing with polymer clay...
first I am trying my hand at somewhat weird looking fridge magnets... hopefully they will get a little better with practice and then I can come up with better things to show you.
most of them are animal magnets as per my son's request
Hope you guys like my humble efforts-enjoy!!

the drunken pumpkin...first effort!
the grinning lion....second try!
the goofy monkey...third try...

think i am getting a little better...what say you?

the adorable giraffe-last effort!

now that we are on the topic of magnets...i'd like to share a couple of my all time favorites..

given by my elder son on Mother's says it all!

i adore this one given to me by my sister in the early days of my marriage,i am sure a lot of people will relate to it!


  1. Super cool stuff...Can I order some for my fridge:D

  2. fantastic magnets maryam... love them... a new idea for indi bindi.. :) m gonna order some as well :)

  3. i will order as well .... they r super cool ... u woman u r so talented

  4. how many such fab Avatars do u have dear??? lol! loved the magnets Maryam...was just thinking if they permit you to set up a business, u can have a roaring one there with all your art and craft work or maybe u can teach kids...all the best n keep up the good work :-)

  5. helloo apa goor magnets... nice remember i tried making few here but we dont ge good clay here bring some nice clay.... good work but try n make indybindi web page also na....

  6. hahahah...thank you guys,,,now if you can tell me what kind of magnets you people want...i can get started :-)
    i am loving the craft opportunities that they have here-its amazing...
    lotsa things to learn and experiment!!

  7. cute!!!! everybody tells me that art and craft stores there r a delight!!!! enjoy!!

  8. wow!!!gr8 work there maryam!can i plz hv a few of those cutie so shameless,nyways,loved the last 2 also gifted to u by ur son n sis.

  9. wow... apa u really utilising ur time n talent..

  10. Very creative! :) Adorable & great!

  11. Oh! Doing for the first time! They look like made from expert's hands :)

    The Arts & Me


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