Sunday, August 28, 2011

month new look!

hey guys...its been a "little" over a month since i started this new blog diary of mine and i have kinda got tired of the "look" already!!
so in lieu of the second month of my blogging fever...i am changing the face of my blog and a new lady is going to smile down on you...hehehe
i dont promise this every month, but i think i do get bored quite easily....and you might see a new facelift quite often....
so enjoy the new look  and say goodbye to this lady    :-)
p.s.   still waiting of lady Irene Hurricane to hit us...
will keep you posted!


  1. FAB!!!!!!!
    stay indoors and take care.

  2. likes.. :)... lady Irene seems to have lost some of her power i think.. ??

  3. like the new look Maryam - a happily mesmerized look..but liked the old stylish one too...keep it going gal!


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