Thursday, August 11, 2011

a little bit o' food anyone?

I know I have been neglecting my blog for a few days...
ramadan busy-ness what can I say? and after fasting for the whole day your mind kind of becomes a little numb..
you stop thinking rationally.....just that glass of ice cool water seems to float in front of you...beckoning you but just slightly out of reach  :-)
so to think of something to write out of the blue seems like a herculean task....
hahaha..I am a mornings person-fresh as a daisy in the morning as my friends have had the misfortune to experience!! but I cant seem to take out time in the morning to blog...household chores are toooo many, the day seems to short and I just have two hands!

so by the time after breaking the fast,in the evening I do get to sit down...I'd rather not sit in front of the computor..
so to make a long story..I will be very erratic in my posts during the holy month of ramadan...:-)
God beckons....  :-)
but as everyone knows- when you are fasting, you try not to,but you do end up thinking about food quite this post has a couple of recipes for everyone to try...

the first is of spaghetti with broccoli... 

now I was really wanting to try my hand at other than the white sauce and the red tomato sauce laden with cheese that one usually has with various kinds of pasta.
this is different and feels very fresh.

1- cook spaghetti according to instructions.
drain but reserve 1/4 cup of the cooked pasta water (it adds a bit of moistness to the dish)
transfer the pasta to a serving bowl and keep warm.
2- heat oil in a large nonstick skillet/pan over medium heat.
add garlic and cook stirring- until fragrant but not brown.
add broccoli and cook, stirring till tender about 5 to 7 minutes.
3- now add the broccoli, lemon zest, salt and pepper flakes to the spaghetti and toss
add just enough pasta water to moisten the dish.
mix lightly again and then sprinkle with goat cheese.
p.s i even tried it with a few sliced sausages thrown add a bit of oomph!!  :-)

next is another dish I tried in this ramadan
stuffed french toast (makes 4)

1- beat eggs well with milk,sugar, and vanilla essence and pour in a large flat bowl
2- place the cherries/fruits between two slices of bread each along with a sprinkling of the almonds
3- take each of the two slices set and immerse well in the egg mixture, so that both sides are coated well
press to join the edges.
4-place all of the four sets of breads on a greased shallow baking dish and bake at 375 degrees for 12 minutes on the middle rack 
turn over and brown on the other side-for another 6 minutes.
5- alternatively you can also shallow fry them on the stove top 
dust with the confectioner's sugar
and serve with a dollop of fresh cream on top!   yummmm.....!

For more tried and tasted and slurrped over recipes, please click here


  1. mmm sounds yum.. will try it out... and btw i came across this cook book for cakes and desserts... look it up and buy it.. you'll love it... i've made 2 cakes so far both very yum.. :) its called..: BBC good food: 101 cakes and bakes..

  2. sounds really yummmmmmmm,am sure it tastes equally yumm too.will try it on the weekend!!

  3. stuffed french toast sounds like a really amazing idea.

  4. thanx saffu...will definitely buy this book-i suck at desserts so am dying to work on that!
    gifty give both of them a shot..and get bk to me if the results come out to be good or even bad :-)

  5. hey Kimia-good to see you on my blog...
    have been following your blog and love yr photos and experiences and dont worry India grows on you...give it sometime and you will have a lot more experiences like you had in chandigarh....there are a lot of fantastic and beautiful places yet to visit....:-)
    and about the french toast...its is yumm.. and you can add yr own variations..
    maybe serve the french toast with maple syrup( i did it the first time coz i found it to be too dry and not sweet enough-i had added fresh strawberries) but with these variations it is sweeter. would love yr feedbk once you have tried them!

  6. and gifty...check ou the other posts...i am sure you will relate to them!

  7. sounds to be a great recipe...will try.


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